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I have not been able to login to HealthUnlocked for quite some time and about an hour ago I read a post with a line about the death of Dr S. I thought "oh no not Dr Skinner! - In a stunned state I found the information that Dr Skinner had died suddenly in November.

I am one of the hundreds and hundreds of people that he made well again - like so many of you I suffered for years because the GPs blood tests came back negative. Eventually someone recommended Dr Skinner - however I wasn't ready for the annoyance I caused my GPs in requesting a referral - annoyance that turned to vitriol when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and that I had been prescribed and given Thyroxine. Thankfully I very quickly began improving, but for months when having to visit the GPs the question of taking Thyroxine was always raised and I was always bullied to stop taking it. I was eventually "ground down", and in tears, I stopped taking Thyroxine for a month - quickly relapsing - they did a blood test (negative) they then put me back on 100mg Thyroxine for a month - blood test again (negative) so very very reluctantly they acquiesced and started prescribing.

I was so lucky to meet Dr Skinner - and I am so grateful for what he did for me. A wonderful non-conformist, and a brilliant man, who stood up (for the likes of me) to the ‘Establishment’ for what he believed in, despite what anyone thought of him. Thank you so much.

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I am glad that your GP finally agreed to prescribe thyroxine. I wish mine would. He wants me to stop taking it. I notice on blood tests that he marks them Dr Skinner patient.. I think I am fighting the whole of the NHS! Back at the doctors next week. Nearly out of medication. Have an appointment at Endo clinic in April.

I feel the best I have for as long as I can remember at the moment. I have no wish to going back to how I felt all those years ago before I met Dr S.

I find it hard to understand why there are not more doctors like Dr S. He is sorely missed. He was a wonderful caring man.


Yes I agree, Dr Gordon Skinner was a Doctor ahead of his time, such an inspiration, I shall always be grateful to him for helping me to feel 'normal' again after 18 years of being told to eat less, exercise more, go to bed earlier etc etc. He will be sorely missed by the thousands of patients he treated, he was always very amusing at our appointments and made me laugh all the time, RIP Gordon Skinner, you will be remembered by so many forever x


What a sad loss for the countless people who struggle to get the help they need. It is always hard to go against the grain of establishment prescribed thinking, but Dr Skinner was brave enough to pursue truth and treat. He dared to care and put patient needs foremost as all medical professionals are supposed to do. Too many professionals stick to the script they are given and vilify instead of thoroughly researching and coming to their own conclusions. Many condolences to his family and friends.


I too only recently learned of Dr Skinners passing, such a sad thing to happen to such a great man, far too young and he hadn't even retired. He brought me back from a very bad place to a happy, normal life, very quickly diagnosing Thyroxine causing toxicity and prescribing Armour which turned things around within a month. That was twelve years ago and I never looked back. I enjoyed our annual appointment..always came away laughing at his quirky humour, however, I am now up against my GP who refuses to prescribe any form of Armour or Erfa thyroid so I am in turmoil. I have contacted various private endocrinologists with no success. I am desperate for advice and hope someone on the forum can help as Thyroxine is out of the question. I am in the Glasgow area.

Sorry for rambling ! :)


I received a letter this morning i had no idea. I will never forget my first visit to Birmingham. He gave me hope after years of illness & put me on the road to recovery.

Such a wonderful devoted Doctor & human being x


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