Just had a thought re armour and Dr Skinner

Hi Guys, I see Dr Skinner in June and as I have discussed in previous posts, I have started to trial armour, day fourteen today with one successful raise, on 1.5 grains a day at present.

If Dr Skinner agrees that this is a good course of action will he be allowed to perscribe this as opposed to thyroxine From what I have read he tends to start his patients on thyroxine so I'm a little worried I may have shot myself in the foot here. Certainly not regretting trying armour, but was hoping this may one day be a perscription medication. Am I clutching at straws here? I know most GP's are not of a mind to perscribe armour, but does Dr Skinners recommendation hold any weight with GP's when this has been his reccomendation.

Anyone have experience of this?

Thanks :-)

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If Dr Skinner sees that you are happy on armour, I'm sure he will be happy to prescribe it for you with a private prescription.He starts people on thyroxine so that if you get on with it, then he can instruct your GP to prescribe it on the NHS for free.Armour mainly benefits people who have a problem with T4 converting to T3 in their body, or who can't tolerate thyroxine.

As for GPs-mine is happy for me to be on armour,is willing to supervise me, but won't let me have it on the NHS (even after 15 years!).Some people on here have GPs who are very happy to prescribe armour on the NHS. Some wholly disapprove and won't listen to Dr Skinner's recommendations.It all depends on the doctor. Dr Skinner is great !

That's not as bad as I first thought then janjan, just thought he may only offer thyroxine as a percription even though I didnt worry he would mind my trialing armour following previous advice. Thanks for the reply, it was very helpful. P.s good that your gp at least supervises, crap re not having it on the nhs though. x

My GP does prescribe Armour for me on the NHS, but I think that this is because the endo that he referred me to originally (his choice of endo) prescribed it for me first. Interestingly though the endo only prescribed it for me on private prescription and said he couldn't do it on the NHS :D

Good luck with Dr S. Not sure whether your GP will follow his recommendations or not - some do and some don't. xx

Ah , I see, because he chose the endo he doesnt mind following the advice, thats a positive. Have a feeling I wont be that lucky, but again keeping my fingers crossed! When you say 'private perscription' how does that work re costings? I ordered and paid for mine from america, does this mean you can get it for less in the uk with the perscription and does it come from your usual chemist/pharmacy now? I'm nosey arent I xx

I initially had it on private prescription from my endo, but after I improved (much to my endo's surprise as he had never prescribed it before) my GP started to prescribe.

I think the private prescription cost me about the same as America cost me (I have ordered different size tablets from there). You can just go to your local chemist with the private prescription, but TUK recommends some cheaper wholesalers. Will post link when I find it. Xx

Thank you Clare , I really appreciate it xx

Darn, just realised, your gp perscribes this on the nhs not private, doh. Do you know how it works on private perscription though?

Thanks again Clare :-) xx


I found Pharmarama to be cheapest.

Cheers, will have a look xx

Where in the uk is Dr Skinner? Just been prescribed Armour on nhs by endo, 60mg tablets, no instructions for use!! Have received advice on here though. Told to stop thyroxine and liothyronine. How have you felt on Armour?

Hi looseley :)

Dr Skinner is in Birmingham. I have found armour ok, started on half grain twice a day, think that's half of one of the tablets your on, typing in bed so double check to be sure as I've forgot (think mine are 60 too) I did this for 12 days, no problems, even started to feel small changes like slightly less tired in middle of day, still dead to the world first thing though. It's only a small dose though. On day eleven day time fatigue came back bad as did a worsening of muscle and joint ache so I took that as a warning to make a dose change . Now taking one tablet a.m. and half p.m. There are info guides I have been led to on the 'stop the thyroid madness' website 're dosing of armour which are really really helpful, think the key is slow and steady but I wasn't taking thyroxine first. Try the website and it should become clear, poor show for the Endo who left you clueless :( xx

Dr. Skinner recommended Armour to my daughter's GP and they prescribe on the NHS.

Ooh I might have a chance then, keeping fingers tightly crossed. Thanks muffy x

Yep, fingers and toes crossed for you.

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