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Dr skinner

I am seeing my gp next week due to Vit d result and hoarse voice and blood.

I was thinking of asking for a referral to dr skinner, I am in Leeds but more than happy to travel.

So I've been referred to an endo but not until July!

What information do I give my GP for referring me if she agrees? And how long is the waiting list?

Would someone message me his clinics details please?

Tia :-)

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Dr Skinner is not an Endocrinologist, he is a Virologist and this is some history.

Once your GP has done the referral letter, you can fax it to his office and someone will then phone and give you an appointment date. I will p.m. you with details.


I have sent you a message but I am having a problem today with the site. I don't know if you have received the message. I attempted twice so you may have two or None. I have reported to Healthunlocked who run the site.


Hi there, yes I've got it (twice) teehee :-)

I'm debating whether not to bother with the endocrinologist at all, as i don't fit the criteria.

Hence dr skinner, I have a bit of money put to one side. Is it expensive? Sorry if its inappropriate to ask, but don't want to waste anyone's time. If he did prescribe are they private prescription rates? And lastly, if he did prescribe, would my gp honour his guidance and prescribe it on the nhs?


Reply also has a list of sympathetic NHS Endos or private doctors.


1st consultation (1hour) is £220 and follow ups are £110.

Dr Skinner will issue private prescriptions, there is no fee for the prescription he issues on the day of the consultation, not sure if he does charge for prescriptions you request in between consultations if he does it will be very very little (ie a few pounds).

Do ask Dr Skinner roughly how much you should expect to pay for the medication as NDT and T3 are more expensive than Levo and T3 VERY VERY expensive on private prescription (ie approx £75 for 28 20mcg tablets).

GPs don't always 'honour' some do some don't, mine ABSOLUTELY does not EVER consider ANYTHING Dr Skinner says :(


Thank you, need the referral then... Do I take my blood results with me or will he order his own? For example I don't have a t3 result as the lab won't do it, is it worth testing done through blue horizon or should I wait? X


TAke your blood test results with you then you won't have to pay for private ones.

He doesn't charge for issuing prescriptions between consultations, although of course you have to pay for the medication.

Hopefully your doctor would honour Dr. Skinner's plan and prescribe via the NHS, but that certainly isn't guaranteed I'm afraid.


Very sorry to hear about Dr. Skinner's passing. I was not a patient but I honor any Doctor who was willing and able to see the light in thyroid care. He was a noble man and a very great doctor. RIP. May his legacy continue somehow.


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