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Hungry all the time and aching eyes

Hello all - read this site religiously since I was diagnosed hypo back in April of last year. it's a life saver. I feel reasonably ok on 125mcg thyroxine but would like to go on a higher dose as don't feel totally well. I feel constantly hungry and i go through periods of my eyes really aching like I need to close them. Is this because I'm undermedicated. My last blood test results a week ago were TSH 1.82 and free T4 15. the doc's lab have never tested any thing else apart from antibodies when I first got diagnosed. Is it possible I have Hashimotos and they should test for antibodies again? I'm so glad I was diagnosed and treated in the first place as many people seem to struggling out there. However I really want to feel as well as I can and I'm not there yet. I've got very low ferritin (on iron supplement) Vit B12, folate, D are all in low range. Have no idea how I'll ever get them up as I don't want to be on supplements for the rest of my life.

Sorry for garble - started out about eye ache and hunger and turned into a general quest for wellness!

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Do you have the lab ref ranges and antibody results? I suspect your TSH & FT4 will be deemed 'in range' and your current dose to be maintained. Your hunger and tired eyes are hypo symptoms so it is possible that you're a bit undermedicated. Treatment for Hashi and hypothyroid is the same.

Supplementing B12, Folate and VitD will help you feel less bad, if not well, and will aid absorption of Levothyroxine. You need to allow 3/4 months before you see much improvement, and maybe longer. Its not a 'lifetime supplementing' just long enough to be high in range, which hypothyroid px seem to need.

If you take 500-1000mg vitC daily this will help iron absorption and get your ferritin up.


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