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I'm so cold all the time

I'm not diagnosed with hypothyroidism although my symptoms are consistent with secondary hypo and I am diagnosed with fibro.

I'm also going through the change and the sweats are cold sweats

And to make it worse got back from ten days away so house already cold and the heating's not working properly, though someone's due to come out tomorrow. All in all it's making me miserable

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I'm sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment. It's so frustrating when you don't know why you feel so bad or you do know but no one is listening :(

Do you have your thyroid blood test results? Sometimes they can give us a clue even if they are in the normal range ("normal" doesn't mean they are right for you).

There are other things worth testing too as they can cause similar symptoms but also affect how your body uses thyroid hormones, effectively making you hypothyroid. These are serum iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin D and cortisol. I was low in the first five of these and they all had an effect. I am anaemic at the moment after a period of illness and it has really knocked me for six so I know not to underestimate these vitamins and minerals and their effect on my health. If I wasn't hypothyroid I don't think I would be affected so badly by it. If you manage to get your doctor to test all of the above with a repeat thyroid function test (you need TSH AND T4, especially if you suspect secondary hypothyroidism) we can have a look at them for you to see if there is anything that can be addressed to help your symptoms.

Vitamin D was a big one for me. I get deficient very easily and that's when the chronic joint and muscle pain returns, along with depression. Many people are deficient but it doesn't seem to occur to the doctors to check this.

I hope you get to the bottom of this soon and that your heating gets fixed quickly. What a bad time of year for it to break down!

Carolyn x

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Many thanks Carolyn. Yes I have had most of those checked and reported them on here. I'm taking ferritin supps and Vit D. My TSH was low but within 'normal' range and I had my T3 and T4 done privately last summer. T3 was low (just outside range) and T4 low (just within range). Prolactin high (attributed to anti-depressants), Cortisol high, B12 low (but within range) and white cell blood count low (outside range). Hope that helps. I'm only getting treated for low iron and low Vit D.

Moggy x


I read somewhere that low or high cortisol and low b12 can cause low TSH which in turn causes low t4 and t3. This could be what is happening with you. Supplementing with b12 and a b complex may help.

It might be a good idea to look into what is causing the high prolactin as that could also be causing the low TSH.

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My GP put it down to anti-depressants and I think they can cause high prolactin but I have no obvious signs. I am weaning myself off them at the moment to see if that helps but don't know if that will reverse it or not.


That could be a contributing factor. It would be worth retesting once you are off them


Yes, I will see. I have always felt cold though...or should I say my tendency to feel cold predated my use of anti-depressants


I assume from your comment about 2ndary Hypothyroid that your TSH is low as well as your free t4 ?

Certainly feeling cold yet having cold sweats along with a host of other symptoms is typical of hypothyroid

Ask yor Doctor tp do

Thyroid Antibodies


Free T4

Free T3



Vit B12

with these its easy to see whats going on

get a print out of the results and post them here because you should never accept "normal " as a result

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Yes, that was what I meant, low TSH, low T3 and T4. I've had all the tests (see my reply to Carolyn above) and also antibodies were negative.

I don't know how much store folk here put on basal body temperature but that is always low too.


You are clearly hypothyroid ............the low temp , ferritin etc is virtually always a precursor of hypothyroid

If your GP wont treat you then your best bet is to self treat with NDT once the ferritin is halfway up in its range and take t3 meanwhile

that will soon prove matters

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NDT - is that the one that uses pig's thyroid? Difficult for me as a non-meat eater. Also, where would I get it? Can I get it online? When you say once the ferritin is halfway up, do you mean halfway in the range? I guess I need more blood tests. I always have to ask for them rather than my GP monitoring it as a matter of course :(


as a non meat eater you are not helping the ferritin situation one bit

I very much doubt given what you have said that its anything other than hypothyroid but without the actual results from your tests we cant be sure

and yes NDT is pigs thyroid but for many people its the only thyroid med that works


There are other sources of iron. Not all non-meat-eaters have low iron and not all people with low iron are veggie.


I am aware of that but for some reason hypothyroid causes a severe exacerbation of the situation and many hypos need to permanantly take iron or their ferritin drops

much more research is needed on the whole mechanism of nypothyroid but no one is interested and any research that is done is sneered at by BTA and BTF


I am taking ferritin now so hope that is helping. I will see when I get follow-up bloods. At least central heating is sorted for now.


Make sure you also take at least 1000mg vit c at same time as this aids absorption plus helps adrenals

one of my grandaughters was able to push her ferritin up so well that when eventually she was put on levothyroxine she rapidly lost her hypo symptoms

however that did not work for daughter or other grandaughter and they cant tolerate thyroxine or t3 but are ok ish on NDT


Yes, must find my Vit C. I packed it when went away for Crimbo and not seen it since


Hi It may also b e diabetes be sure to have a test.



Hi thanks Jackie. I was tested for that and I was OK.


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