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Have I got Hashimotos? Is my thyroid under medicated?. Clinical symptoms still prevailing - no appetite, tired, pains in neck & shoulder

Started 50mg of levothyroxine on 4.11.13. GP prescribed on basis TSH just a little outside range and T4 in range. But I have pains still. VIt D was tested and I'm told this is fine.

TPO antibody = 76 iu/ml refernce range <10 so this is outside range

Free T3 = 3.7 pmol/L range (2.5 - 5.7)

Ferritin 68 ug/L range (10- 220)

Folate 16.4 range (3.1-20.5)

B12 734 range (187-883)

Urea and electrolytes 68 - range (60 - 120)

TSH 4.68 range (0.2 - 4.0)

Free T4 12 range (9 - 19)

Grateful for any feedback.

Thank you.

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I am not an expert (and feeling badly treated myself) but I know that I felt pretty rough when my TSH was that high. Feel much better when it is nearer 1. So I would think that would merit a conversation with your GP. The rest of it I can't comment on as I am new here and gathering info to tackle my GP with! Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along in a moment x


Are these your original blood tests on 4.11.13? Usually you have a blood test after six weeks on levo, which would be round about now and an increase in dose. T4 does take a while to gradually take effect and for your TSH to lower.


the above t4 and tsh were from end of October bloods.

All others were taken mid december after 6 weeks of levo. They did not test my TSH and T4 despite my requesting that. Consequently I had both done on 20 December - getting those results on Thursday 2nd Jan. Initial feedback from receptionist is that there is no action required but I am going to see the GP and get those printed 2 results printed off.

I'm not sure if there is an ideal TSH given presence of thyroid anti bodies?.

Levo has eradicated some of my pains - especially those in my feet - but problem with right arm and shoulder just won't subside.

It seems to me to be referred pain from my neck as that goes puffy and I have not sustained any injury to my arm/shoulder.


It is very early days on meds for you and it will probably take

some time to make you feel better. It is unusual not to do a TSH but at least you are having that done soon.

Let us know what your blood test results are.


I get horrible muscular pains in my neck and shoulders too. I think I'm on top of it, due to a combination of three brazil nuts a day, magnesium citrate supplements, a glass of Indian tonic water a day, and neck stretches first thing and last thing. All these things have been touted as cures, so I do them all. I'm not sure which one does the trick for me, but I find that if I get lazy and stop my routine, the pain comes back.


Many thanks for the responses. I have purchased some supplements online, selenium,magnesium,zinc,b complex and multi vit. I am boosting my ferritin taking spatone. So hopefully with that and a bit more time on the thyroxine I should be fine. Some patience needed! I realise looking back that my symptoms have been present for most of 2013 before I started treatment in November so it is unrealistic to expect to be okay immediately. I think due to the fact that I got an initial buzz after taking the medication for 3 days I have been expecting miracles! I have got some improvements and sleep is largely restorative now which is a major bonus. I've just been frustrated because I wanted to get back to running 20 miles a week but everything in moderation to build back up. Having been unwell for the best part of 10 months I can't expect normality in the space of 2 months.

Thanks again and all the best for the New Year.


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