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Hypothyroidism and hypoglycaemia

I have had hypothyroidism for over 22 years and currently taking 200mg Levo. Lately I have not been well with typical underactive thyroid symptoms and had my blood checked. TSH is 0.41 so my GP has agreed to further blood tests, checking levels for vitamins B12 and D, ESR, full blood count, random glucose, Ferritin, urea and electrolyte profile. Now whilst waiting for the results, I have been asked to go back for a fasting glucose test on 7 Jan.

Now I know there is a strong connection between hypothyroidism and hypoglycaemia and would appreciate your feedback on what I need to ask my GP when I see her next? I don't want the hypoglycaemia to be treated separately from hypothyroidism - should I ask for adrenal function checks? And what else should I ask and do? Thank you and merry Christmas :-)

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hypothyroidism is associated with 'adrenal fatigue' (ie low cortisol output), especially if not treated for a while (ie undiagnosed) AND/OR MIS-treated/under-treated.

Low cortisol output (adrenal fatigue) equals low blood sugar spells ie: hypoglycaemia.

NHS does not test for adrenal fatigue, they do not 'believe in it', however you can do a private cortisol saliva test.


Hi Most Endos prefer to get the thyroid right and then look at Adrenals, they can improve on the right treatment for thyroid. Only test any use ( Endo) is 24 hour urine, cortisone at midnight ( script) and a blood test at 9am.

With any thyroid disease there should be annual Diabetes test as autoimmune and hormonal. The best test is not Glucose but Hb ! Ac. Fasting test, only water and lots of it for 12 hours, drugs OK to take if needed.

B12 and D not really vits, misnamed originally! D is hormonal, if low, needs a calcium test ( an electrolyte) before any treatment, script, B12 needs to be high in range, anaemia,, it with foliates usually, autoimmune and hormonal,Iron/feritin often low

needs to be clearly in range

make sure thyroid test is TSH, T4 and Free T3, sounds like T4 may be a little high and Ft3 too low, you may need Levo + T3, only the full bloods show that. Normally T4 should just be in top third of range, FT3 near the top of range to feel Ok.

If autoimmune, any time more autoimmune diseases can occur, you just had to wait for them and be aware. The above 4 tests should be done annually, more if start treatment, after 4 months, then normally annually .

Best wishes,



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