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Thyroid nodules

Can anyone tell me if these usually grow / change or need regular follow up ?

I discovered I had nodules and had them biopsied with FNA in 2010. Just got a one sentence letter saying normal.

The endo I saw at that time told me not related to thyroid function in any way.

I'm sure I ve had a thyroid issue for years so it's hard to believe there is no connection at all ?

Should I be asking for regular checks on them etc ?

My TSH went out of range end of 2010 and I was given thyroxine but have been struggling to tolerate it as it seems to increase my pain condition. Now going to try t 3 Only as next step and work in ferritin and b12 levels.

Latest results - not on any meds

TSH 4.9 ( 0.5-5)

T4 10,5 ( 9-24)

T3 4.8 ( 3.5-6.5 )

They 'forgot' to do antibodies so having these done this week.

Thank you

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They need regular follow up. I think it's once a year. Spoke to some people at biopsy clinic and some had been attending for 10 years or more.

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I haven't got thyroid glands anymore because of them. 34 yrs ago my right was removed due to a massive one and I plodded on just with the left. I didn't need medication as the left was giving me enough thyroxine , all was well ..till i recognised the nasty , strangular, pre Sugeon said' ssure feeling on my left. Iceberg effect ..meaning they were growing inwards and nothing was showing outside. Ultra was showing 7 nodules and biggest was 3cm , so pretty packed there ! The surgeon was saying ' well we can have another ultrasound scan in a years time' I asked ' are they like to shrink'? Answer was 'no' I asked 'are they likely to get bigger' answer was 'yes'..I told him no point of waiting for a year then and even longer for an operation plus the nasty strangular feeling was driving me nuts as it was. So he agreed to have the left taken out too .... I WASN'T going to put up with that pressure any longer. Now I am on thyroxine but I couldn't live with that deseased thyroid any longer either. To think some people are having these for 10 years would drive me insane.


Hi It was some time ago. I would ask for another biopsy. Just possible they have changed, routine.

T4 did you start on a tiny dose and take a while to build up to? looks like you also need T3 too with it. Both need to be started ridiculously low to allevate side effects.The other option is armour etc, that is natural and contains T4 and T3. Most docs will not prescribe it now, expensive too. However, some Endo`swill on a private script. A lot of people buy it from abroad. If you take it, what ever source, essential to have blood tests, TSH ,T4 and free T3, before any alteration in dose.

Make sure you also have the other related blood tests done, annually.


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Hi Bagpuss

I had a multi nodular thyroid for years, it started in my late 20s, it didn't cause any problems but I had regular scans to keep an eye on them. In my mid 50s I started having trouble breathing & was told I had asthma which I didn't have lol it was my thyroid growing around my wind pipe

It was when I started showing thyroid anti bodies that I was sent for an CT scan with contrast that showed this problem

It has since been removed & all nodules were ok

The FNB didn't show anything at all so was a relief after op to hear all good

It's a waiting game with your thyroid ………whether or not you have nodules or just one that's misfiring :-) hang in there & just keep watch


Thank you everyone who replied. This has been so helpful to me and given me the confidence to ask for follow up / repeat scan etc.

Interestingly I have been having swallowing problems and some breathing problems recently and have been told it's 'probably' because of my ehlers danlos syndrome which affects connective tissue etc. Maybe it's the big nodule !!!

I have tried t4 at very low doses - 12.5 every other day and even this seemed to increase my pain. Have got script for t3 so going to try that alone next. See if I can tolerate it as that seems to be the key thing even if I feel I need it, my body reacts soooo badly.

Thanks again. :)


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