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Thyroid Nodules

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So I was diagnosed with severe nodules on my thyroid. One of them came back as 50% Cancerous and they recommended complete thyroidrectomy. So I decide to try natural remedies first and got on Carie Calbom’s program she’s “The Juice Lady” I Started to juice and go on a Keto diet. Anyway after about 9 months or less all nodules we’re gone except that one that came back 50% cancerous. When they checked it it didn’t grow since the last time. But since, I’ve been eating sooo bad and I’m noticing where the module is it feels painful. And lately I can’t stop being active. I run my own business and I’m always working day and night. I’m always irritable and find myself crying alone because I don’t feel anyone understand me. I don’t like feeling this way angry and irritable. Stressed for the littlest things. I see myself from the outside and I don’t like what I see. So today I tried a little bit of Holy Basil and that really helped me a lot! We put up the Christmas tree as a family and I did not get angry or irritable or too anxious. The doctor has down given me an option to only take half of my thyroid and not like before where it would have been the entire thyroid or just monitor the module and make sure it’s not growing. My question is could that module be causing all of this hormon imbalance? I get sudden anxiety attacks that I can now control with effort and therapeutic exercises. But I just want to be normal. I want to finally be at peace and happy no matter what the situation or obstacle in my life. I want to handle stress like a normal individual and not freak at every direction. Could this module be pushing into my thyroid and releasing more hormones than it should. Is this an absurd theory? Is that scientifically possible? My doctor says no. But he’s very narrow minded. He told me my nodules will never shrink and he doesn’t believe in natural remedies. Yet I was able to get rid of all but one module in a matter of months through prayer and juicing. I’m in the dark with questions. 😕

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And I’m not sure why my auto correct keeps adjusting to module instead of Nodule 😅 sorry

Nodules do secrete thyroid hormone and yes that could be causing your symptoms. I was listening to an online talk by Dr Toft and he was explaining about nodules and how they do this independently of the rest of the thyroid, and are not affected by TSH. Sometimes they bleed into themselves and this can make them painful. This can last for a few weeks but usually resolves.

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So, I think your question is: is this nodule causing you to have hyper levels of thyroid hormone in your blood? Well, it's a possibility, but what do your blood tests say? Do you have high levels of thyroid hormone in your blood?

If I were you, I would not try alternative methods for treatment of cancer. Surgery is really not bad at all. I had completion hemi thyroidectomy on 9/27 after having had the other half removed 32 years prior and was only hospitalized for 23 hours.

The longer you wait you risk needing additional treatment depending on the size of the nodule (s) and type of cancer.

I was working part-time and eating normally within 3 days and driving within a week. There is very little pain. With a bit of vitamin E cream on my scar it is not very visible. I feel fine. I am 75, have diabetes and renal insufficiency and a left bundle branch block in the heart, but came through surgery nicely.

In the US, Levothyroxine is prescribed on discharge even for a hemithyroidectomy which is apparently not done in the UK.

If your whole gland is removed, you definitely need replacement hormone beginning 24 hours after surgery.

There is a high cure rate for Thyroid cancer and some types grow slowly.

It won’t go away by itself or with alternative treatment if surgery is indicated.

Best wishes!

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Hi, I was diagnosed with thyroid nodules 10yrs ago along with Autoimmune Thyroiditis but no treatment or biopsy just carry on with Levothyroxine, now I have to go back for a scan this month feel uncomfortable around my neck and sometimes feel as if I have a lump in my throat like i’m Choking my antibodies(TPO) have rocketed, please have treatment I would NEVER rely on alternative medication if I had cancer in my body it would have to come out it’s not major and you recover quickly, GOOD LUCK!

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Please, don't wait and have the procedure done, it will make you feel better. I had my thyroid removed, all of it last September and now taking Levoxyl and let me tell you, I am much, much happier and energetic now than I was for years prior to surgery.

You cannot mess around with something as serious as cancer.

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I understand your anguish. My experience has some similarities. A 3.3 cm nodule was found during a physical exam, & after ultrasound (6 months later), followed by a fine needle biopsy, the nodule was suspicious for cancer, so a lobectomy (half the thyroid removed) was done last March, (nearly 10 months after it was discovered)! I had no discomfort up to that point, & thyroid blood levels were always normal (though I had moments of fatigue & feeling cold). The pathology report validated follicular carcinoma, Hurthle Cell variant. (I am glad it was removed).

Thank goodness I asked for a copy of the pathology report as I discovered that I also have Hashimoto thyroiditis; which is a significant finding that neither my MD nor my endocrinologist told me about!

By April, TSH suppression was commenced (as per post thyroid CA protocol). My TSH level was checked after 12 weeks, & by June, the dose was lowered from 100 mcg, to 88. It was not until around this time that I began to experience unpleasant effects of the oversuppression, as well as episodes of the physical sensation of being strangled. Then when I underwent another (unrelated) surgery in July, those unpleasant effects, (plus others), were terribly exaserbated. They included: insomnia (though I would promptly fall asleep, I would suddenly be wide awake anywhere from 10 minutes-3 hrs later); uncharacteristic irritability; feeling like I was in a "fight or flight" mode with exaggerated startle response & tremulous hands (making work challenging); loss of appetite & 10 lb wt loss... And (oddly) increased libido. 😜

My theory is that I was likely experiencing Hashimoto thyroiditis flare ups, (perhaps exaserbated by the surgery stress); and that combined with the oversuppression of TSH, it could've resulted in a toxic state, & thus the physical effects.

Because your experiences are similar, I find myself wondering if you might have Hashimotos. However, I am unsure if nodules could contribute to altered thyroid hormone levels. Something new for me to explore. :)

I asked the endocrinologist about why Hashimotos was only found from the surgery. The reply was that thyroid levels can vacilate, so I guess that since my levels were fine when I would have my bloodwork, nothing suspicious for Hashimotos showed up. From my reading, it seems that Hashimotos could exist for a quite sometime before it becomes obvious on just TSH T3 & T4 test results. I read that Hashimotos eventually results in hypothyroidism, but that during its' active phase it can cause fluctuations.

I wonder if trying a gluton free diet would help calm these hyper/flare-ups. (I have yet to try that myself).

I hope you find answers and can get to feeling better.

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