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thyroid nodules... terrified :(

hi all,

im a 34 year old female and this all began with a sore throat.. i then developed a large lump on my throat and after i had to force the doctor to feel it (she fobbed me off initially) she referred me for an ultrasound of my thyroid, and also due to fact my mum has severe thyroid issues and was treated with radioactive iodine a few months ago, she is fine though thankfully.

i decided to pay for a private ultrasound as i was extremely worried, not eating or sleeping, managing to get to my job two hours away everyday somehow, but i was getting to a point where i was breaking down. i went for the ultrasound and he diagnosed a cyst with some thyroid nodules, he went on to say this is very common blah blah and that the cyst would go on its own and it was nothing sinister. however the report they sent to my GP says they recommend follow up and 'taking cells'. i am so upset as i was relieved after the ultrasound and went private to get the results straight away! instead i feel like he lied to me to get me out quickly! now im back on the nhs mill and have to wait until the 22nd august for my thyroid specialist appointment! im going MAD. i now think i have some awful disease and its spread everywhere! i had pain in my knee and had a meltdown thinking it had spread there...

now, the lump has gone completely and i had a thyroid blood test which was 'normal' imbgoimg to get the actual results as they didnt tell me them over the phone. so why do i have nodules and normal thyroid blood test?! this has freaked me out even more!

im not sure what to do. i have emailed some private specialist thyroid centres but no one ever replies when i ask for info about how to book! im just very scared, i have suffered severe health related anciety since i was a child and suffered awful panic attacks in my teens.. i feel like im reverting back to that dark place as this waiting is just too much for me to bear. um going to talk to the doctor on wednesday as im so confused but im finding it hard to even know what to say... i guess she will just tell me she cant do much till i see the specialist. im absolutely exhausted and feel like im waiting for my execution or something on the 22nd...:( sorry for the brain dump and TL; DR

thanks for reading if u got this far!

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Hi Link, I hope you can get a little relief because what is wrong with you is quite treatable. You've been having adrenal/thyroid issues for a long time it appears. Doctors don't have an understanding so it's a good idea to educate yourself. This is the site map of a good website. Go down to "thyroid nodules" and then checking out other questions on your mind. stopthethyroidmadness.com/s...

There may be things you can start doing on your own. Going gluten free has helped some people. I'll post a short video that might help you understand some of your symptoms as well.

You can go through the motions within the NHS but it would really benefit you to commit to conquering this condition yourself and yes, many have already done that.


thank you so much heloise. i am slowly trying to educate myself as i saw the trouble my mum went through for so many years, she was incorrectly medicated, they think for over 10 years and became hyperthyroid, after being hypo, and developed a huge goiter. getting the iodine was a two year fight as she did not want surgery and the nhs tried to force the surgery.. sigh...my blood test was not fasting and it was done at 1pm.. i understand this is not ideal so i think i will pay for a full thyroid panel. i will see what the thyroid specialist says, i just hope it is nothing life threatening like malignant tumours on my thyroid, as long as its not that i will feel like i can educate and manage my condition. its the being in limbo, and having symptoms, and the nodules!(dry skin which itches on lower legs, weird fluid retention, puffy eyes which are super puffy in the morning, heart palpitations, nails that flake, dry brittle hair, general awful anxiety, migraines, etc) but apparently... my thyroid hormone levels are normal! it makes no sense! :( thank you for replying i already feel better than i have for weeks due to gettinh a reply and some vital info!!



Pay no attention to their assessment. Your thyroid is desperately trying to produce more hormone. There can be many reasons for why it is stalled. The short video is one of 24 pointing out those possibilities. You can go to you tube and see the rest which are really informative.

Leaky gut can cause autoimmune attacks and often the base reason for Hashimoto. If you've had lots of meds and antibiotics and even gluten....this is a good time to work on that. If it's sluggish adrenal glands, that's also a big one and if you are going through a hormonal period that can start the ball rolling. I think looking at your body in a holistic way and remembering it is always attempting to heal if you give it what it needs. Try not to worry, stress is hard on your adrenals. I'm sure you can feel better. This is a longer video but excellent in pointing out why doctors are not helpful.


Never take the words 'normal' 'fine' 'o.k' with regard to blood tests for your thyroid hormones. They are meaningless if the patient still has symptoms and feels unwell. It seems as you are quite symptomatic to me.

It takes years for our thyroid hormones to slowly and gradually diminish and for us to finally get diagnosed.

When diagnosed and given hormones which suit you (there are several) but levothyroxine is the most commonly prescribed) you should feel better.

Always get a print-out of your blood test results, with the ranges for your own records and post if you have a query.

The aim is a TSH of around 1 or lower or suppressed (for some) but many doctors think anywhere in the range is o.k. - no it isn't.

This is a link re recommended tests and you get a small discount if you put TUK Code No and they also get a small commission. There is also postal tests:-


We have to read and learn if we want a healthy and symptom-free life and it is possible. You will probably recognise some of your symptoms on this list. On the left-hand side of this link you will see other topics which might interest you.

You should ask GP to also test Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate plus antibodies. Blood tests for thyroid hormones should also be done at the very earliest possible and fast (you can drink water) and if on hormone replacement you allow 24 hours approx between your last dose and the test and take it afterwards.

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges.


Some useful tips here my thyroid are enlarged I didn't no they dissapered on there own I've been worried sick thinking my cancer is traveling upwards to my head but my consultant is not too worried he said let's treat one thing at a time

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Link77, the majority of the populations has thyroid nodules. Certainly I've got lots of them. And, the majority of the time, it means nothing.

It sounds like one of yours was slightly enlarged, and that's why they want to do a fine needle aspiration (FNA - taking some cells). But that's common practice, and just for confirmation. If you are having to wait for it to be done, then it's obviously not urgent.

Sounds like you do have the beginnings of hypo and getting a full set of labs done would be a very good idea. The tests you want are






vit D

vit B12



There are details of private testing on the main page of HU, and you can get all those done from a pinprick test. That will give you a pretty good idea of thyroid status. Take the blood early in the morning - as early as you can - and fasting - nothing to eat over-night, and just drink water. Then post your results on here, and we'll interpret them for you. And please don't worry. It's really nothing sinister. :)

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GG you took the words out of my mouth. I would consider the next step for Link77 is to get a Fine Needle Analysis (FNA). If that comes back clear then there is very little to worry about. Link77, that's the "taking cells" thing. If your thyroid has malfunctioned in some way, there is medication to pull you round to normal again. Don't panic yet - and even if you have thyroid cancer, you will be like I was and I am still around 10 years later and no real big problems. I still work, I still ride my bike, I still drive 400 miles round trip to my docs a couple of times a year. Don't panic nor get depressed, there is light at the end of that scary tunnel.


Hello there, your case sounds exactly like mine, in which case take a deep breath and try to be calm. There is probably nothing alarming. I have had thyroid nodules for years now. My sister also had an enlarged thyroid, and had hers removed. Mindful of this, I sought medical help and have had a series of ultrasound scans and over three years two lots of fine needle aspiration tests. I am friends with an ENT specialist (retired) but he isn't a thyroid specialist, but he did put me onto a colleague who is. This colleague explained things that other medical practitioners either didn't know or couldn't be bothered to explain. About 50% of women get nodules on their thyroids. They don't fully know why, but as it is so sex-specific, it is likely that there is a hormonal element to it. If the nodules are very small, the patient may not even know she has them. So, many women are living their lives with thyroid nodules without even knowing they have them. However, if they grow large, there is a risk of cancer. Statistically, the risk is low, but it is possible. This is the reason for the fine needle aspiration test. My friend told me that having a goitre isn't a problem (actually, my neck is so naturally scrawny that my goitre has improved my look!) provided that the thyroid is functioning (which mine is, and from what you say yours is) and there is no cancer, and it's not impeding your life in any way (i.e. it doesn't prevent you from breathing, or get too large, which is what happened to my sister) So I will now be checked out annually to ensure all is well. You will find out about the state of your nodules after the needle test. If cancer is present, (and it's not likely, although possible) then you have the option of having your thyroid removed. The statistics for this kind of outcome are pretty positive - although I don't have them to hand. You will feel an ebb and flow with the thyroid, this suggests blood flowing through it - my guess here is that this signifies at least one nodule that needs to be checked out because of size. Again, until the results come you won't know. Whatever your condition, it is unlikely to be something that is spreading through your body. I have found exercise (running and swimming) to be excellent and a monthly acupuncture session has helped also. I can't prove it, but my condition has stabilised because of these things. I have asked for all tests to be done so that I can see what the real situation is for me. That is what you are doing. Get your hormones and iron levels tested if you are low on energy. I happen to be in the menopause as well which underpins the hormonal link mentioned earlier. So keep calm, and carry on as normal. I hope your results are good. If they are not, you will have sensible options to consider. Incidentally, this particular aspect appears to be under-represented on this message board, many participants seem to be having very particular thyroid function problems, which is not the case with me, and probably you. Take care!


My dear, the practitioner I see insists that the body has an infinite ability to heal itself, as long as the obstacles to that healing are removed. Perhaps you have a healthier body than you thought! Work to that ability and keep removing obstacles. Doctors are not Gods, and we all know this. In any healing, the weakest link is the patient him/herself and their own efforts to get better. When frustrated yet again by NHS numptiness, I think of that and find a way forward - as you have done. Carry on!

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Take Heloise's excellent advice...I brought myself back into balance by changing my diet and taking quality grade supplements, and I was very very ill with hyperthyroid. It took me a couple of years to fully recover and get rid of the anxiety, although I still have the nodule, I don't feel any symptoms now. Understanding the adrenal and digestive system is crucial, checking TSH levels and getting blood tests is not. It will take time.

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hey everyone, first off i just want to say a ginormous massive thank you!! reading your replies i literally had tears in my eyes, you are all so amazing.. i just hope i have half the strength!

i stayed off the internets for a while as i have been really struggling. im in a bad way, i have had some pretty crap stuff happen in my life over the years (havent we all!) and although i had panic disorder i scraped through, but this waiting to see if i have some kind of thyroid cancer is really doing me in. i dont feel like i can talk to my doctor/s, i also feel too scared to at the moment. i still have a month till even my first endocrinologist appointment..sigh.

i have been gluten free for over a year now (i went gluten free as i had digestion troubles since i was a kid and its the only thing that helped, nothing even thyroid related at the time i decided!).. but weirdly i relapsed and pigged out on sandwiches, biscuits etc for a few days, got very ill (never again ha!)... and suddenly thats when mr. cyst showed up. prob not connected too much, but im back to no gluten at all again!

im so tempted to shell out the £1k+ and just get everything done privately asap. but then im worried of my doctor will get arsey, or if i need further treatment if i can then get that on the nhs as can only afford the diagnosing bit, not the surgery etc. its all confusing. i also dont wanna end up at some quacks place! scary...

i have ordered myself some nice thyroid support things from the states, all natural stuff nothing exciting lol, and i will do some yoga and just keep sane.

you are all wonderful! such great advice and immense compassion. when i finally go see my doc and get my actual blood test results in writing i will post them here for everyone to look at. also i have a stressful job i now hate, so ive realised that thats gotta go. to be honest im surprised it took this long to catch up with me, with the pressure i put on myself. people at work have no idea really whats going on, i just paint on happy face everyday...but the ol' mask is slipping lol.

thanks again everyone, ill try and slowly build up more confidence and reply more often on here. i just cant get over how much u have all helped me.



link 77,,, you have got yourself into a right state and now you don't know which way to turn,, please let me recommend this,,,get some of you favourite food,,,and sit down and have a nice meal,,,,then relax,,,as you have said yourself the doctor will tell you to wait until your appointment comes around and you see the specialist,,,,you are getting too wound up and stressed out,,,, the 22nd of August will soon be here,,,I am waiting till September for one of mine,,,,,rest, and relax,,,your system needs you too,,,ttfn from Karen.


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