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test results from genova diagnostics

Thyroid Plus full test: Total thyroid T4 (127.0) range 58-154nmol/L, Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) (1.90) range 0.4-4.0, Free thyroxine (Ft4) (14.9) range 10-22pmol/L, Peripheral thyroid function: Free T3 (6.59) range 2.8-6.5pmol/L, FT4:FT3 Ratio (2.3) range 2.0-4.5,Reverse T3 (0.42) range0.14-0.54IU/ml. Thyroid auto immunity: Thyroglobulin (TG) (29.9) range0-40 IU/ml, Peroxidase (TPO) (179) Range 0-35 IU/ml. Comprehensive Adrenal stress profile: sample one: (33.2) range 12-22, sample two: (11.2) range 5.0-9.0, sample three: (7.0) range 3.0-7.0, sample four: (11.4) range 1.0-3.0, daily cortisol range: (62.8) range 21-41nmol/L. DHEA levels:sample two am 0.70/sample three: pm 0.67 DHEA Cortisol ratio 1.09. secretory Iga results-saliva (502.4) range 118-641. The GP surgery and the hospital have told her that it is nothing to worry about and there are no issues. Lyn Mynott has personally phoned and said that there is a problem, but need a private Dr who can authorise medication for thyroid via telephone/skype consultation and work alongside Dr Myhill. Any help and advice appreciated. I got these tests done as I was not happy at the NHS tests showing nothing, but they refuse to acknowledge the private tests/doctors and will disregard this information.

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Sorry you have had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity..


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