Problems with Genova Diagnostics and getting results


I did a cortisol saliva test last week, money has been taken from cc, but have read on the TPAUK forum today that Genova have changed many procedures and this includes NOT sending a copy of test results to patient like before.

Of course this was not mentioned 10 days ago when I ordered the test kit.

I used Thyroid UK as my practitioner and a copy would normally be sent to Lyn from Thyroid UK (when it was supposed to be shredded on receipt) and a copy would be sent to me. I am worried that Lyn will shred my results and I will not get a copy.

Any suggestions. I will phone Genova tomorrow to see if I can get any sense.

Has anyone else sent in any tests to Genova in the past week or so?


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Giagal, Please contact Thyroid UK directly about this. You can phone during their office hours, or fill in a contact form

All relevant contact info is on the main site here

Thanks for prompt reply Redapple. I will give Thyroid UK a ring tomorrow and hopefully we can get my results retrieved before going to the shredder.

If you email and explain the situation.

This happened to me last week and Lyn was amazing and got on the phone to Genova and I got the results by lunchtime the next day.

It will be a sad day for us if Genova don't back down on this.


Louise has already got back to me this morning after my late night email I sent last night - brilliant communication speed. She has said that Thyroid UK can get hold of the results and send them on. But I do agree that results do still need to be sent to patients - especially as we pay for them.

Hi All

I can confirm that has been a recent change at Genova. We are in discussion with them and are trying to resolve the situation.

In the meantime, you can email and we can access your results online and email them to you.

Thyroid UK will no longer receive a paper copy of any of the results.



There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of people doing testing with Genova every month. Isn't it going to add tremendously to the workload of the Thyroid UK staff if they have to re-direct results to people via email? I would have thought the whole idea was unworkable. And the risk of error (and hence a breakdown in confidentiality) would be quite high I would have thought.

I wish there were hundreds and thousands! LOL!

But yes it is adding to our workload. This is why we are trying to get them to sort out another solution as soon as possible. Unfortunately, things at Genova tend to move quite slowly.....



I think I managed to conflate (in my head) Genova's total business with the bit that Thyroid UK is involved with. :D

Um, I think you are getting confused.

People are obtaining their own blood tests, often because the NHS will NOT do the tests.

Thyroid UK advises people to take the results of these tests back to their GP or other practitioner.

Thyroid UK's 'involvement' is that we have an arrangement with Genova (and Blue Horizon Medicals) that people can get this testing and have their own test results.

In exchange for this, Thyroid UK receives a small amount from each company per test.

This money helps to pay the wages of TUK staff.

I hope this solves the mystery.


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