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Does anyone else have symptoms of bloated face and intermittent limb weakness ?

I was diagnosed with hashimotos in April 2012 following 4 years of intermittent lower limb paralysis and stroke like episodes causing loss of speech . I was finally given thyroxine 50mg in Aug 2012 . In Sept 2013 I had partial thyroidectomy and my thyroxine was raised to 75mg . I still have intermittent limb weakness and bloated face but my dr and endocrinologist tell me this isn't due to my thyroid . TSH 0.7mu/L (0.4 - 5.5 ) and T4 18.6pmol/L (11.5 -22.7 ) is my recent blood test . I have low vit d and ferritin levels ( 18 )for which Im taking supplements. I would really appreciate any advice on specialists that I could see that .

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Just to rule it out please look into Hughes Syndrome, often people have thryoid issues with this.. do you have a history of migraines? A simple blood test would rule it out. Although some people are sero negative. Mary F x


If your Ferritin is low, you may not be converting T4 to T3 very well. It might be useful to have a T3 test to check levels, as if this is low, you would still be having symptoms. How is your B12? If this is low, it may be causing the limb problems. As a matter of interest why did you have the partial thyroidectomy? Where do you live? Can you get to London? I know of an endo there who may be able to help you. I will pm you if you wish. xx


They talk rubbish. Bloating (swelling) is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism. Before the blood tests came in and you walked into a surgery, your GP would have diagnosed you before you sat down.

Read this question dated January 2, 2002


The bloods you have shown are OK. However, what about your Free T3? That needs to be high in range. From the descriptions you give I would also find a good Cardio and see him. Also you need your vit D ( hormonal) checked and U`s and E`s, these could be very relevant. B12+ Foliates, need to be high in range, autoimmune and hormonal a good idea too.Unfortunately we often have to insist to get the right treatment. Nothing new there! You know you are not right, do not be fobbed off.

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I Think you should get your B12 ,Homocystine levels done ASAP, B12 is the greatest underdiagnosed illness in the world,It has taken me 6 mths to find a holistic dr to register my symptons of nighttime tremors,headache,nausea,persistent ringing in ears to B12.I also have genetic mutation malabsorbtion B12,low cortisol levels,liver inflammation.Now I have painful tingly feet.Saw an endo waste of time.Good luck keep searching do your own research.

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Couldn't agree more. Check out this link hjane: