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Does anyone else take different levels of thyroxine every other day?

After having my blood test results back and seeing that my TSH had gone up from 0.72 to 1,7 I made another appointment to go and see my doc to discuss the results, in the past she has been a good listener and upped my throxine accordingly.

As i was feeling very lethargic (since my level had gone up) i asked if (for a trial of 3months) i could have my thyroxine upped from 100mcg to 125.

After much battling with her she came to a compromise for me to have 100mcg and 125 every other day.

Does anyone else do this?

I am trying it for 3 months in which time i will have a re-test and check the result again. I did say to her that If there is no change in my result I will go back to 100 as before.

Any feedback will be appreciated!!

thanks, Lara x

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I don't but it is quite common to have a different dose every second day. I hope your trial works.

Be reluctant to let her adjust your dose according to your TSH result - it should be on how you feel.

Before the TSH blood test became the norm the usual dose was between 200mcg and 400mcg.


Hi shaws, thats really interesting!

I believe too that it should be on how you feel. I think we are all the best judges of ourselves and if we feel better or worse!

thank you!


Hi Lara,

yes i do following advise from my end in October i started taking 150mg on a monday, wednesday and friday and 125mg the rest of the week. I saw his again last week and have just had more bloods done so should get results next week.

I have noticed that as I take my levo at night that i am better the following day on the higher dose.



I take 200 and 150mcg on alternate days but i can take 200mcg more often or stick to 150mcg for long periods of time depending on how i feel the gp has basically given me control as to how much to take depending on my symptoms it works very well for me


Yes, I take 100 mcg 4 days a week and 75mcg 3 days a week. It works fine for me and my bloods have been stable since I started this regime, almost a year ago. I take my dose at night and find this works for me too. When I took it in the mornings I often found that by 11am I felt like going back to bed.


Hi MaryC,

I also take my meds at night, its been working well for me for a while now!

Lara x


I don't, I take 100 Levo and 10 T3 in the middle of the night each "day" but I have got a cupboard full of various doses and am planning to use some of them so my insurance doesn't start wondering if I'm selling it on or something after getting so many packs over the past half year! haha :-)

I've got 100-packs of 150 & 112, and a 200-pack of 75mcg.

I thought taking 112 for two days and then one day of 75 would average out as 100.

It is supposed not to matter too much, but what matters a lot is the amount you are on, obviously and I would agree with the others that your body tells you how you feel better than the blood tests do.



Yes I take 100 one then 125 the next day of levo I have to take that that till march when I go for blood tests


I only begin to feel well if my TSH result is below 0.02 . I am on 75mcgs t4 and 20 mcgs of t3. My GP thought that my TSH was a bit on the low side and suggested that I try alternate daily dose of 50mcgs and 75mcgs of t4 but keep my t3 the same. I began to feel less well after 2 weeks and increased it back up myself. Then when I saw my endo he said that I had done the right thing and shouldn't worry about my TSH level as I was the best judge of how I felt. The fact that you are feeling lethargic might suggest that you need more rather than less thyroxine...

I hope that you feel better soon .


Yes I have been alternating 150/125 mcgs for over a year now, it took me several years of returning to my GP and nagging to get increases to finally become stable and most importantly feel well & be priductive on this dose.


I was recently put on .200mcg for 6 days and .88 on sundays only. I feel better but it's strange. my previous dose was .75mcg and I was low for a person with a removed thyroid but I'm curious on this change.


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