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What's changed ?

I've been hypo for over a year and a half. During most of that time I have never felt back to my usual self - tiredness, aches and pains, brain fog, coldness etc. However, from June until October I stated to feel "normal" for me. It was great !

Then over the last few months I started to see the old things creeping back in again. The main thing at the moment is how much my body aches.

Also this week had some sort of "episode" where I just felt very drained very quickly and had to sit still for half an hour (In the morning - had not been doing anything unusual) whilst it passed, This has happened before but not for a long time.

I'm 41 and take 125mg thyroxin. My most recent thyroid tests show TSH 0.99 (0.34-5.4) and T4 20.6 (9-24) -very similar to results I had in August. I've had my Vitamin D tested and it was 43 in February (Range 25 -170)

I have had full blood counts in the past and they show that my haemoglobin levels are fine but ferratin usually on the low side. The 2 doctors I've had both said this is not an issue. Have taken various iron supplements and it doesn't seem to affect my ferratin level.

Currently taking Floradix and Vit. D (1000iu)

Why did I feel so well before and not now ? The doctor has no answers !

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I've also had this (feeling worse in the winter months) and have read that many who are self medicating with NDT or a mix of T3 / T4 often increase their medication over the winter. It seems we need more then but I don't know why. You could also have an issue converting. I feel much better on NDT than just thyroxine and the aches have totally gone. Skin tags have fallen off too... Bizarre!


OKey dokey... see your vitamin D 100i.u..? it's not enough.. Take 5000 i.u until your vitamin D comes up to around 150. you need this for optimal performance.

It's not unusual at all to get a dip or even an infection which can knock you sideways.. I had one on 14 Nov, was feeling great and suddenly had hyper symptoms and have now had to start again building up my armour because I was hyper then Hypo.. and feeling awful.. To get your ferritin up.... well I've got mine to super high and I don't get ANY iron supplements. Eat 1 egg per day... seriously.. this is a top tip.. 1 egg and a good mutivitamin (centrum women, I take) and co-enzyme Q10 and go to holland and barrett and get extract of wild yam... it'll fix your cholesterol which will allow your ferritin to rise... You can do this yourself... 1 egg is not hard... (unless you're alergic)

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How strange, I was craving eggs in the early autumn. May have been a vitD issue because i was very deficient. Not a ferritin issue because mine's high, just above range, although I don't understand the implications.


Seen lots of recommendations for Spatone to raise ferritin. Available from Boots.


Thank you all. Love eggs so could easily up my intake. Also very interesting to know about the skin tags mi55red as I have lots of those ;-)


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