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Low Vit D- testing PTH

Morning Everyone, was just looking for a bit of advice and to ask if anyone else has gone through something similar to this.

Been feeling exhausted and keep feeling spaced out (almost as if I am going to pass out), some GI upset and I keep losing concentration on things. I've been trying to do more excercise than I have been but it truly knackers me out and I feel cold and shattered by about half 9 most nights, sometimes earlier. Its beginning to affect my working life but I am trying not to worry about it too much incase my anxiety over it is making it worse. I've been tested for my thyroid and those results have come back normal. Had b12, folate, ferritin and Vit D tested too. GP said they were all normal except vit d was marginally low:

Ferritin 92 15-200 ug/L

Serum Folate 5.5 2.8-20 ug/L

B12 442 180-2000 ng/L

Vit D 46 range 50+ (receiptionist couldn't give me range over the phone).

GP said the protocol from here with low Vit D would be to test my PTH levels. I just wondered if it was advisable to test calcium at the same time and whether anyone else has been tested for this based on their results?



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Shibby This just goes to show that doctors don't really know much about vitamins and minerals.

B12 - 442ng/L The usual units we see are pmol/L but you apparently multiply ng/L by 0.738 to get pmol/L so yours is 326pmol/L. Anything under 500 and there is a risk of neurological problems. The Pernicious Anaemia Society recommends 1000. You should supplement with Jarrows or Solgar sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges 5000mcg (dissolve under the tongue, don't chew).

When taking B12 we need to also take a B Complex to balance the B vits. Jarrows B Right or Thorne Basic B both contain 400mcg methylfolate which will help your poor folate level as that is also too low, it should be at least half way through range which is 11-12 and yours is 5.5

You do need to supplement your Vit D but it looks as though your GP is going to do something and it's a good idea to get your calcium tested. If he did prescribe (rather than tell you to buy your own which I would have expected with your level) and he gives you Adcal, that contains calcium and we only need additional calcium if we are deficient. If you do take a Vit D supplement it should be D3 cholecalciferol and you'd also need to take K2-MK7. Vit D aids absorption of calcium and K2 directs it to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues.

Can you say what your thyroid results are (with ranges) because 'normal' in doctor speak means diddly squat. You could be just one point within the range but you could be very unwell. You do sound symptomatic.

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Hi SeasideSusie, I am currently taking Solgar B12 from your previous advice. I couldn't find Jarrows/Thorne B vits with folate so I am taking methyl folate Solgar of the same strength. He said we will test for PTH, if it shows something they will give me something, if it doesn't I supplement myself. My TSH was 2.5 (0.2-4.5) FT4 13(9-21). My GP has made it very clear that I will not be getting treatment and he doesn't believe my symptoms are coming from this at all. He has said even if I get my thyroid antibodies done that it would not result in them treating me but doing annual bloods to make sure it doesn't get worse. But he doesn't think my symptoms are coming from Vit D either... :?


Do you know, Shibby , we have an idiot pile, and congratulations to your GP because he's just been put on it! That's a bit harsh really because yes, OK, your thyroid results are 'in range' so as far as he is concerned they are 'normal'. But with a TSH of 2.5 and a lowish FT4 your thyroid is struggling. His hands are tied by the guidelines really so, no, they wont do anything but your symptoms are more than likely tied up with a struggling thyroid. Probably the only way you'll get your GP to take notice is if you are re-tested in, say, 3 months and your TSH rises.

You could get your antibodies tested yourself with a fingerprick test through Blue Horizon and if positive then that confirms Hashimoto's (autoimmune thyroid disease) and you could go gluten free to try and reduce the attacks which might help. There's no treatment for Hashi's, just the resulting thyroidism so unless the thyroid test results are in the right place then of course they wont treat.

You do need all the B Vits so when your Solgar methylfolate runs out:

Thorne Basic B amazon.co.uk/Thorne-Researc...

Jarrows B Right amazon.co.uk/Jarrows-B-Righ...

See how you go with the other test, and if you need to supplement with Vit D we can make suggestions.

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Yeh I understand him having his hands tied. I think he thinks that I am wishing it to be this rather than perhaps recognising that I could be struggling at this level. I have considered the blue horizon tests, but the thought of pricking my own finger makes me so dizzy at the moment (I work in healthcare so I am used to blood etc, it's me feeling sensitive from how I feel just now). Thanks for the advice on the vits :)


Hi Seaside Susie, had my PTH calcium tests done. Came back normal. Doctor suggested supplementing, what would you recommend? (He didn't say what dose etc)


Yes calcium must be tested at the same time. It's unusual for a GP to offer these as normally they just advise vitd supplements but calcium at least should always be tested before starting vitd. Your vitd is low but not drastic, in parathyroid disease it would be a lot lower.


Thanks for your reply. Did find the test a bit weird as everything I have read about the PTH test talks about checking calcium levels, but I think he wants to rule it out based on my symptoms. He said if this proves inconclusive I have to supplement myself.


PTH on its own doesn't really tell much because if it's raised you would then need calcium done, might as well get the full picture in one go !

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