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Where Can I buy T3 with a private prescription

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Hi, I am taking Armour on a private prescription from my NHS doctor, he was happy to prescibe but not to pay. I want to take some T3, again my doctor wont pay for it but I think he would write me another private prescription if I can find out where to get it. Please advise, Thanks. ps. forgive the short post, I wrote a much longer, far more fluffy friendly one and lost the whole post! I am a one finger plodder!

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Kate5kids, you can get prescription T3 at any pharmacy. They may need a couple of days to order it in for you. Mercury Pharma is the only T3 licensed for UK use and is pricey at £152 for 28 x 20mcg tablets. You might check out whether one of the online pharmacies in the link below can obtain Sanofi-Aventis (French) or Thybon-Henning (German) T3 instead.


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Kate5kids in reply to Clutter

Thank you, esp for the link. I could only find weightlifting sites before now! :)

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shawsAdministrator in reply to Kate5kids

If you are going to pay for T3 yourself your doctor could prescribe for non-uk the alternatives which are on this list and I believe cheaper than the one the UK one.


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Almost any pharmacy can get it for you.

Unfortunately it will be expensive. Strongly advise you contact several pharmacies and ask for quotes. Some people who do (or could) get private prescriptions nevertheless buy theirs from abroad simply because of that high cost.

The NHS has a list of UK online pharmacies - it's quicker to call/email than go round real shops:


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Kate5kids in reply to helvella

Thank you, when I found the armour on line it was easy to find but all T3 comes up with are weightlifting sites. TBH I cant afford £150 a month so will look else where. I am actually reading an old thread on here from 9 months ago about mexican t3 and its lack of availability, I havnt finished reading the thread yet but hoping it will have some answers. If you have any info on where to buy it abroad that would be great! :)

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Kate5kids

I don't have any personal experience of buying or taking liothyronine/T3 - so it is difficult for me to make a proper recommendation.

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Clutter in reply to Kate5kids

Kate, Mexican Cynomel has ceased production.

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Kate5kids in reply to Clutter

Thank you and thanks for the PM :)

Hi I use Springfield in Richmond, good price , they send it very efficient. Phone number



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