Where can I get Novothyral ?

Hi there; this is my first post and I would appreciate your advice and support !

After years of unsuccessful treatment for my Hashimotos I have finally found a wonderful Endocribologist who has discovered that despite taking levothyroxine for years, I am still symptomatic as my body is not converting the T4 to T3 - in fact my latest T3 testing revealed extremely low levels.

Anyway, he has prescribed Novothyral 100mcg as a month long trial produced very encouraging results - however this medication is not available in my country of origin, nor the country I am currently living and working in.

I understand the rules preclude posting details of pharmacies, but if anyone knows where I can get Novothyral or T3 online, with a prescription, written by a German Endocribologist, i would be extremely grateful for a PM.

At this stage, the only advice I have received is to fly to a European country to avail myself of this medication - rather extreme & expensive .....but it may have to come to that if I cannot find an online alternative !

Thank you for reading :)

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  • So, from what I can work out, Novothyral is a synthetic drug containing 100mcg of levothyroxine and 20mcg of liothyronine - is that right?

  • I'm sorry, I should have explained that further; you are quite correct with the dosage, Jazzw

  • Was just checking, as many won't have heard of it. :)

    Think I've found somewhere for you - will send a PM now.

  • I just ordered T3 without prescription. I'll send you message in case you need it.

  • Timmersby, as you have a prescription one of the online pharmacies in the link below may be able to source it for you.


  • A huge thank you to all of you who replied; I'm terribly grateful.

    It's been fabulous to find such a supportive & knowledgable group to help me navigate the often tricky road to thyroid health !

    So very happy I've found you all :)

  • Hi, could you please share the links to online shops with me please? My mom who lives in Poland asked me to get this for her as its not available there but I obviously don't have a prescription.

  • Will PM you

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