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Where can I buy Pregnenolone & Prednisolone privately in the UK?

Hello all,

I am just awaiting results of my second ASP test from Genova. The last ones (back in 2010) were all way, way out of normal, so basically at the Exhaustion stage with DHEA and Corstisol worryingly low. I saw Dr Peatfield years ago & tried the Nutri Adrenal Extra route (and reduced my thyroxine etc) but I don't think they were strong enough for me. I think my poor adrenals are so kaput that they need hydrocortisone in some form. After that I saw an NHS Endocrinologist who was useless and just pumped me full of more thyroxine. I knew this wasn't right, but time passes and you're so fatigued that you carry on with the status quo.

Anyway before I get to 40 I've decided to read up like a demon and start taking my health back into my own hands. I should get my ASP results back next week and I'm pretty sure that I'll still be one wrung above Addisons. So my plan is to supplement with Pregnenolone and Prednisolone and it's this I could use your advice with. Ie. where can I get it in the UK and how does it work taking it alongside your thyroxine?

I had wanted to see Dr Myhill, but as I'm sure you're all aware she isn't taking on new patients at the moment. So I've largely been using her website and going back to Dr Peatfield's fab book for my best plan going forward. I won't rule out asking a private Dr to write to my Dr to ask them to prescribe the above, but as I want to get going sooner rather than later - depending on my latest test results - then I'd like to know where I can buy the above privately.

For ref - re my thyroid - I have Hashi's, with underactive thyroid, currently on 150mcgs of thyroxine. I started thyroxine when my TSH was 88 and T4 <3.2! My thyroid is pretty small and scarred (not surprised poor thing) and thyroxine has never really worked for me (which is also not surprising considering my adrenals!).

Once adrenals have come back to some level of life then I'd also be interested in natural dessicated thyroid too. But I guess one step at a time. My latest thyroid results showed me to be almost over-active which is ridiculous as I'm still so fatigued, but that was when they had me on 200mcgs and I was becoming very toxic on it all. Sorry for this very long mail. Thank you in advance x

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Pregnenolone is available from Amazon. There are several brands to choose from - I'm taking Swanson's at the moment.

Prednisolone is a prescription-only drug, so I'll pm you with a few sources.


Under doctor for possible lung cancer. GP gave prednisolone for 1 week and had more energy but won't give repeat prescription. Clinic says hae to go to A&E for assessment. Wondering if I can buy privately?


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