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I'm new here... How can I get T3 test?

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis a year ago and have been on levothyryxine since. My dosage was increased earlier this year and my TSH and T4 levels recently showed as normal despite still having many symptoms - hair loss, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, weight gain. I've now been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and am having CBT. But I know the root cause is my thyroid. My GP says its stress and will not test for T3 - how can I get this test or be referred to an endocrinologist if my GP insists I'm fine?

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Go to the home page and click on testing for details of labs which can deal with you direct and do a t3 test.




Yet again another stupid Dr. No suprise there. Don't get bulldozed in to taking antidepressants! I was not well for years until I switched to NDT

What your Dr says is normal probably isn't anyway. We do start feeling better until TSH is under 1

Get a printout of your results and post on here. Just ask secretary to print out for you, they are legally obliged as they are your results.

In the end as no joy with Drs I now self medicate. Thyroid UK has a list of pharmacies although I get mine on the Internet from Thailand.

With Hashimotos you need to be gluten free. It will really help with your weight and mood. By switching I lost over a stone (14lb) in three weeks In nearly 100% of Hashimotos cases leaky gut is present.

Kris Kresser website has lots of information.

Dr Datis Khazzarian (Hashimotos God) his books are great.

The Immune System recovery plan by Susan Blum is good.


NHS doctors should test for T3 if asked, mine does, I don't see why you should have to pay for it. Talk to the practice manager and if no luck change doctors and go elsewhere where they will test.


Many GPs, and even some endocrinologists and other consultants, have found that requests for FT3 tests have been ignored or refused. That is, it isn't always the doctor that is the issue.

Many of us have no effective choice about going to a doctor in a different area which might use a different lab. Anyway, much of the time, the adjacent lab areas will have similar policies.


How weird! not right though is it when some like me can be tested and others not, bizzare.


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