Does anyone know of any labs in London where I can get cheap thyroid blood tests done privately?

I have just been to see a private doctor who has recommended that I be tested for Free T3, Reverse T3 and Thyroid Antibodies which my GP has not done since I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 years ago. The lab recommended by the private doctor charges £234! I am also planning to approach the GP to get the tests done on the NHS but I am not sure of my rights in this regard. Is it possible for the GP to refuse even though he has been treating me for the same condition for the past 3 years? Grateful for any useful information you can provide.

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  • Have you browsed the private test info on the main Thyroid UK website? There are various postal testing kits available and Blue Horizon also offer 'in person' testing at a London clinic. Various discounts available if you use the Thyroid UK codes listed on the downloadable leaflets.

  • The NHS does not do Reverse T3 testing.

  • Thank you for the quick response and for pointing out the NHS does not do Reverse T3 as well as the discounts. I browsed the web briefly but obviously need to browse some more.

  • It would be most unusual for more than one antibody test to be done by the NHS. The general opinion is that this is only done around the time of diagnosis, to confirm that your thyroid disease does (or does not) have an autoimmune cause. Some people actually have a fight on their hands to get even one antibody test. GPs often say that as the treatment is the same, regardless of the cause, there is no need to do antibody testing at all.

    FT3 is also difficult to get done on NHS. If your TSH is below the range, the lab *might* do an FT3 test to check that you're not hypERthyroid or over-medicated. But if your TSH is within or above range, an FT3 test is rarely done. Even if your GP makes a special request, this is frequently over-ruled by the lab, who seem to have the final say when it comes to the crunch.

  • This link should take you to the tests you've mentioned through the Blue Horizon clinic in London. You need to check the Thyroid UK info for the discount codes to enter.

  • I had a test done by The Doctors Laboratory: I had Thyroid Profile 3 plus Reverse T3 but I can't remember how much it costs, sorry. I know the RT3 was a lot extra but I'm pretty sure it comes out as less than £234. Worth ringing them to check, anyway!

  • Thanks Zabby. The doctor recommended TDL but they are the expensive one and also charge £29 for the nurse. The antibodies test on its own costs £77. Red Apple's options are significantly cheaper.

  • Some of Blue Horizon's test are actually done by The Doctors Laboratory - do check though as not all are.

  • Sorry, just realised that you wanted antibodies too! TDL does test that but it will be extra. In fact, I'm wondering if TDL is actually the lab that you've already contacted....:)

  • My local private clinic use TDL and RT3 was quoted at ~£122 plus bloods and consultancy.This could vary, of course.

  • Where abouts are you Tegz?

  • Wiltshire - but I think that TDL are a reputable Lab and used by private clinics, who have some choice in the matter!

  • Sorry Tegz replied under your other message , having a dyslexic day ;))

  • No worries- at least all this brain activity staves off Altzheimers :)

    See you on another post ;)

  • Haha yes but when I do NOT take my Thyroid Hormones , I believe my brain is not operating properly in fact I become simple I feel , however this is a very real issue for me my Father died of Lewi Body (not sure of spelling) which is Parkinsons and dementia together , he used to hate anyone touching him as his skin was very painful (Fibromyalgia symptom) Im sure he had a thyroid problem which went undiagnosed , so am determined to get a diagnosis for me. And I forgot to say Tegz spent £120.00 on a gene test last week, which I am waiting for the result (D102 Gene test)

  • I've seen that gene test mentioned.

    Very best on that!

  • Yes thanks Tegz, I will let you all know , if I dont have this faulty Gene then mine is because suffered to many health issues and stress which has made polymorphism occur cant convert on a cellular level , not enough active T3 to make me function like a "normal" Human Being - Have you been diagnosed Tegz?

  • I had to get a private test to show a valid TSH - high 4.8 above 4.2 limit. I then had to lean on GP to treat as 'wait and see' was initial reaction.

    I have wished a few times since that I hadn't bothered- but slowly breaking through the fog of Levo on low dose, but keeping B12 and Iron going also.

    Well stressed tips,on this site.

    The Dr did give me D3+Calcium though - as low normal spinal bone density -and I take this [and Iron] well apart from Levo.I've had a load of stress all my life.

  • I am in London :(

  • I had antibodies done on the nhs. The rest I used Genova who are fantastic and professional unlike Red Apple, but did cost around 225. TDL are used by the Setchells (Queens gynae and who were present at Prince George's birth) and although not for thyroid I would take it they are reputable if they use this lab for their tests .

  • Free T3 and antibodies can be done by the endocrinologist, if you have not seen one then ask your GP for a referral.

  • I was referred to an endo at The Barts in December last year but the treatment was unsatisfactory. This is why I have gone private.

  • TDL are based in London.

    How much [approx] have you spent so far going private?

    Would you say it's the power of money making the difference or do private Drs have a different culture over thyroid due to better professional freedom?

    I ask as:

    a] The NHS have a lot of money [if they used it well]... &

    b)Private Drs may not care greatly more about their patients

    So-I suspect there is an agenda about years of thyroid maltreatment being covered up in the NHS.

  • Thanks for this info - I have spent about £400 on NDT so far, but am going to see private Dr S (the main man in this field who makes people well) and wondering about ordering a blood test Reverse T 3 - Have you spent your own money on getting yourself well Tegz? I decided to take matters into my own hands when my body slowly started shutting down , additionally I could hardly walk , and piled on the pounds but was not eating that much , I was soooo ill , my heart didn't seem to be operating at a proper rate for me , I felt I was dying, however was being ignored by the NHS - My doctors were keeping me ill - I have read that some people say with regard to this Thyroid problem "Our Doctors are killing us" PS Just realized there is a cheaper source since being on this site of T3 hormones only , so will be changing from Nature Thyroid to T3 , was originally on Armour - Tegz Im waiting to see what is said at the Scottish Petition on the 1st Oct this year , Im hoping some changes will be made :))

  • I've spent £330 so far on testing and private consulting - [necessary to get this service beyond NHS].

    It's limited ,as they won't refer back to GP for treatment thereafter- as it's a self referral initially.

    Still quite defensive -as they probably know about our Thyroid NHS 'minefield' .

    Many GPs & Endos work in both environmentss ;~/

  • Hi,

    Who is the Dr S that you speak of? Can you post his clinic or contact details as I am in truly desperate need of a knowledgeable and sympathetic practitioner. My GP and Hospital are near useless and despite uber low levels across the board refuse to believe that my numerous malaise are thyroid related.

  • Yes money talks , which I am no longer insured privately :(( Yes the NHS is being ripped off with expensive drugs when they could be sourced cheaper - Doctors are governed by to much red tape , sometimes older GP's are better , they are more experienced and sometimes more flexible Tegz

  • Older GPs had to diagnose -once upon a time!

    Now it's easier to sit behind a screen and let the Lab decide on magic numbers.

    Technology talks- or Not, in our case!

  • You are aloud to get a second opinion Laurinda, I had the same at Epsom Dr Nithy (who he is known as this is his shortened name) but cant risk the second Endo talking complete rubbish, so going private , its so frustrating

  • This is the first time I am going private after 3 years of frustration. The private doctor I visited was one on the TUK list following other patients' positive experience with him. I informed my GP practice this morning that I am seeking a second opinion.

  • Found that Genova offer the best deal for me. I have booked an appointment for next Tuesday. In total, the tests will cost £136. There is no extra charge for taking the blood if I go to their offices in Surrey. Thank you everyone for the immediate and very helpful response.

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