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Blood test results

Tsh. 1.060 range 0.350/5.500

T4. 1.24 range. 0.8/1.9

Calcium 9.6. Range 8.2/10.6

Saw my endo this week and told him i still had some hypo symptoms tiredness cold dry skin hair breaking off muscle aches and pains cramps no energy lethargic, cant lose any weight even thou i am on a low fat low carb diet, he looked at my blood test results and said they are all within range so you are ok, and see you in 6 months, and i just said ok thank you cant believe myself, now i have to live feeling like this for the next 6 months, i am taking 125 micro levo and 1000g calcium and 5 months after tt op.

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Oh Tatty, I feel for you! I had TT in 2006 and did not know about HU. Did it exist then? I just stumbled along somehow, with a useless endo like yours. Now we have info at our fingertips. Could you write to him and ask for some T3? Or ask for an appointment now, never mind waiting another 6 months. We TT people do better with the addition of some T3, as I think we find it harder to convert T4 to T3. It will get worse as the years go by and your health will suffer more. My local hospital is now giving it on the NHS, so it is possible, even if he argues about it. I was seeing the lovely late Dr Skinner but am hoping my GP will just continue it on a repeat prescription. I do hope you get help soon. xx


Thanks i really need to gather my thoughts, i am still in shock that i said ok thank you,

I have lost so much confidence since this thyroid thing it really does affect your body and mind so much i have never experienced such lows in my life, must get a grip and take control over my illness, how dare anyone suggest i am ok when i know i am not.


My husband was in the same situation as you for far too many years

only after he finally got Armour dessicated thyroid which is far more complete as it containsct1 t2 t3 t4 and calcitonin wheras levothyroxine is only synthetic t4

i believe that anyone who has a thyroidectomy desperately needs natural thyroid and not thyroxine in order to feel well but getting itbon the NHS is very difficult indeed


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