Suggestions for Polls

Suggestions for Polls

Thyroid UK would like to invite you to suggest some questions for our Polls on HealthUnlocked. Unfortunately, when HU was updated, the suggested polls page was lost to us so we need to start the list again.

The topics for the polls don't always need to be thyroid related, they could be fun too!

If possible, please can you give some possible options, for example......

Were you offered Anti-Depressants before being diagnosed with a thyroid problem?

Yes - and then diagnosed Hypo

Yes - and then diagnosed Hyper


Yes - I took them and they helped


I look forward to seeing your suggestions!

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  • Additional medication(s).

    After being diagnosed and on levothyroxine, what other medication(s) is prescribed for new or continuing clinical symptoms.

  • Very interesting. I must have rattled with all the medication I had to take for those symptoms that were 'nothing to do with your thyroid'. Now I'm on T3 I don't need any of those other medications...

  • Hi shaws. Yes, before my diagnosis with Graves, I developed acid reflux syndrome. Nasty. Would wake up from my sleep literally choking on bile and I still have it. I have been rx'd Lanzoprazole 30mg at night and I have been taking this drug for14 yrs! can Lanzoprazole do any other damage apart from stopping secretion of bile? ie destroy the intrinsic factor in the stomach that could lead to pernicious anaemia I wonder? Hence my tongue shedding its skin and becoming bright red and very sore, as well as tingling fingers and toes etc? What do you think. be interesting to know these things and be able to see the whole picture ie drug interactions that are rarely followed up in my experience.x

  • Nezzy,

    PPI's are notorious for creating low stomach acid leading to B12 deficiency and even Pernicious anaemia.

    The symptoms you've described are classic B12 deficiency symptoms. Have your B12 and folate been tested recently?


  • my gp tested vit b12. but not the one mentioned on the forum . ie Active b12. what is the difference? i was told that my b12 was well in range. ty clutter x

  • Serum B12 is the test NHS use. Whatever result you get it is possible that you are only utilising 20% at a cellular level.

    Active B12 measures the B12 available at a cellular level.

    The serum range is 190-900. My sister's B12 is supposedly fine at 285!

  • The problem is, if we get other symptoms, doctors believe they are 'not connected' to the thyroid gland problem, whereas in fact they may well be. Clutter's response is correct.

    I have found great benefit from taking 1 betaine/pepsin tablet 3 times per day.

  • Thanks Shaws. Can betaine/pepsin tablets be bought from herbalist shops and/or chemists? x

  • I find the cheapest is from Amazon (link at top right-hand on this page). I buy Solgar and ordered some the other day and I got them next morning.

    This is the link and they contain 100 tablets and I take 1 at each meal. You don't take more than 3 per day while some betaine only ones you take up to six per day, so you use more tablets too.

  • Thanks shaws. Ive ordered them..they are on the way. x

  • Hi shaws. Just updating you on your suggestion regarding betaine with pepsin. I have found them very helpful throughout the day, but on occasions, I still need to take Lanzoprazole when reflux gets troublesome, but at least the betaine has helped to reduce the amont of Lanzoprazole that I was taking on a daily basis. Lynne x

  • I am glad they've helped you reduce some of your medication.

  • How many people were offered AD's before being correctly diagnosed with a thyroid problem ?

  • That would be a very interesting poll! I imagine the percentage would be worryingly high...

  • I was diagnosed with anxiety depression before my diagnosis of Graves Marz

  • I was put on antidepressants and also an anxiolytic plus antipsychotic. I had previously lost all motivation, all interest in everything, I was actually unable to think for myself, so I took them ........ for nearly SIX years, before someone finally persuaded me to get a second opinion. Blood tests (which had not been done by the first GP) showed a highly overactive thyroid!!

  • Such a sad story - which we hear all too often on this forum. So pleased for you that you were persuaded to find a second opinion. Do hope you are now on your journey to wellness....thank you for posting and sharing.

  • How many people have gut issues and a thyroid problem ?

  • yes to that too Marz. been taking Lanzoprazole 30mg and sometimes i have had to double up on dosage when I start choking on bile in my sleep.Never been mentioned to me or had a follow up1 on my stomach problem in 14 yrs.

  • I see you have joined PAS group - so hopefully combined with good advice from here you should soon find some answers - hope so.... :-)

  • Yes.Had problems from age 22 (now 65) but the main symptom was put right when I was diagnosed with Helicobacter pylori at age 48. However, bloating, dyspepsia & flatulence returned when I became hypo after radio-iodine for Graves. Dr. P.'s test showed low stomach acid, which I'm trying to correct, but finding it difficult.

  • I believe some people have found that Betaine HCL has helped when taken with meals. Higher Nature do a good one..... Do hope your thyroid medication is optimal for YOU... :-)

  • How many have thyroid related diseases in the family? or how many believe that a member of their family died undiagnosed?

  • Yes, I deffo believe my grandmother had Graves. She was diagnosed with depression and had many many ECT therapies, also suffered with palpitations, mood swings and had bouts of shakiness ( which may have been due to the anti ds she was prescribed

  • How many people with thyroid problemshave a rubbish doctor

  • ME AGAIN ! Each of my practice GPs have their own style and views even about reading blood results Im sure a patient review by the GPs are non existent. Shame

  • How many people on this site get a bad deal on nhs

  • I have a few times, especially with Endo's who appear to me as dismissive and disinterested. Its . All due to luck at the end of the day a lottery in my view

  • How many people have to go private with thyroid problems

  • I have gone privately and I am still researching different hospitals to use even if I have to pay. In my view (unless we get lucky) I'm on a roller coaster and now my brain is working too hard even through constant brain fog lola1956

  • I have had to. My health was completely messed up by NHS GP & endos.

  • how many people are ok on levothyroxine

  • We did a poll on this quite some time ago. You can still vote, here's the link. Be patient if the page is blank to start with, the content takes a while to load.

  • Hi tatty 10. At the moment the answer for me is NO.

  • You can access polls on the green bar above but here's a link to the latest one.

    You can browse polls from there and see if your suggestion is already on the list.

    Mine is a little awkward but anyway I've heard a few reports

    'how many folk were diagnosed Hypothyroid after quitting smoking'?

    as some think smoking can mask Hypothyroid problems somehow, or it could contribute to it too - I just think people should know what to look out for and make their doctor aware of the possibility (just my personal opinion). :D

  • I came here to suggest this but you've beaten me to it. :-)

  • How many people have been prescribed statins?

    It would also be interesting to see whether people felt better or worse on statins. I think they are even contraindicated in people with hypothyroidism. I don't know about hyperthyroidism though.

  • How many people with thyroid issues were born from a breech position (or C-section because of worries about that) or other unusual presentation?

    Indeed, this sort of question needs to be looked at every way round - birth weight, early or late, etc. Which is rather more than the very simple poll mechanism we have to hand is able to achieve.

  • Is there a connection with birth presentation and thyroid disorders? I was breech...

  • Yes there is.

    This came out the other day along with several other papers regarding pituitary issues at birth:

    Good to see you catching up on posting/replying! :-)


  • Thanks! That is very interesting. I shall be keeping an eye on my son...

  • Ooh, interesting. As a cause or a consequence of malpresentation?

    My mum (Hashi's) was born with the cord around her neck and I (Hashi's) had to be delivered with forceps. I wonder if there is an connection between one's own difficult birth and being diagnosed uat later life (rather than one's mother's uat being a cause of difficult birth if you see what I mean).

  • Well as I have interpreted the information, it seems to be that breech is being seen as the baby not turning itself rather than the mother not turning the baby. So at that level, breech would be a consequence of the baby being low in thyroid hormone - but the pituitary issues could mean that things are very much more complicated.


  • Ah I was born this way. Gaga. (don't think I was breech 'tho)

    I do think that low Vit D has a lot to answer for, my kids were jaundiced & I did strangle 2 with the cord (they were OK!) and my daughter's kids were jaundiced too (light cured). J :D

    Poll suggestion - How many of us are deficient/low in Vitamin D?

    here's a previous one about vitamins.....

  • Hi helvella. Whats your take on blood groups. I wonder whether or not thyroid disorders are more prone in ie A negative, b Neg, a pos, b positive ab neg and positive and the abo pos or neg etc.? Just a thought about connections x I m sure we would all benefit somehow if things like this are taken into account regarding research.

  • Blood groups are the end expression of genes. So it is perfectly reasonable to suppose that either those genes that are responsible for blood groups, or other "nearby" genes that might be "fellow travellers" with these, could well have various effects.

    I would be wary of assuming the it is the blood group itself, even if statistics initially seem to suggest this. At the same time, maybe the blood group has some importance? I really don't know.


  • How long does it take patients with thyroid problems to get over flu, infections and virus's? I have had the flu for 3 weeks now and still not over it. I always seem to take a lot longer than my healthier family/friends to fight off these things.

  • What about a poll on funding sources for meds/ supplements NHS/Private?

    e.g takes a NDT -private/NHS

    t3 -private/ NHS

    B12 -private /NHS

    Folate, Iron NHS/Private

  • Fun one -very topical -new years resolutions

    e.g Walking my 10,000 steps per day; crossing my fingers before stepping on the scales; dreaming I'm slim and fit once again; starting my annual New Year diet; taking a new sport up; giving a new sport up

  • After having a tt is anyone actually well taking t4 only and what dose are you on ?

  • How many people on this site are on NDT and how long have they been taking it? Was it prescribed by GP/Endo/Private? It would also be good to get some idea of how they have found the benefits and any side effects.

  • For those people being treated for a thyroid problem or who are self-treating - in your opinion how many years of your life did you have a thyroid problem before treatment began?

    For those people who are untreated but believe they have a thyroid problem - in your opinion how many years of your life has this been going on?

    Suggested answers - pick 1 only :

    1) Less than 1 year.

    2) At least 1 year but less than 2 years.

    3) At least 2 years but less than 3 years.

    4) At least 3 years but less than 5 years.

    5) At least 5 years but less than 10 years.

    6) At least 10 years but less than 20 years.

    7) At least 20 years but less than 30 years.

    8) 30 years or more.

  • I was very, very unwell for 10 months prior to seeing my GP with spiralling hyper and hypo symptoms (subsequently dx. Hashi's) and 13kg weight loss but thought it was a bipolar episode that I could manage.

    I also had St.II Hurthle Cell Carcinoma. I haven't researched how long cancers take to develop but apart from compressing my windpipe and gullet the tumour didn't cause symptoms.

    About 3 years prior to becoming ill I had gained weight, going up 2 dress sizes in a few months. In hindsight, I'm wondering whether the rapid weight gain, which I welcomed, was Hashi bringing me to the party? It was several years after I had quit smoking which is an accepted trigger for thyroid disease.

  • 8,over 30 years.

  • A very interesting poll would be to find out how many doctors suffer from thyroid problems, and how they manage this disease without checking T3. Hmmmm.....I just wonder in reality how many would own up to the truth? So maybe a poll would not be of any use to us, but the thought is there. X

  • Think I may have a suggestion. How many thyroid patients also have Pernicious Anaemia or vit b12 deficiency? Not sure if this has been polled before.Lynne x

  • Oops. I can see that iv'e mentioned this a thousand times or seems like it! Should have read on before my last post.Sorry. Lynne x

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