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is it normal for the goiter to feel enlarged inside my throat?

the best way to describe it is it feels as if I have something stuck in my throat, It seems to be there some days but not others.... I can eat ok but just need to clear my throat alot.

It does not look like it sticks outwards it feels as if its all inside.... (not really sure if that helps?)

I was diagnosed in December and am on my 4th week of 50mcg of Levo.

I am not sure if i should go back to the dr's or they will just say yes its to do with my thyroid and theres nothing they can do?

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Hi Amanda, I too have difficulty swallowing but my situation is slightly different.

I first had a goitre/swelling at the front of my neck back in January 2012 - it was visible and I had it for 3 weeks. Ideally, something should have made me think it was thyroid-related but I thought it was a very bad throat infection and so I dosed myself up on Lemsip and Strepsils - no lie - for 3 weeks.

The swelling went down anyway and by the time my TSH was high (I wasn't diagnosed at the time) I had an ultrasound which showed a bulky side of my thyroid - but this report got mislaid and never made it to my GP's practice. I've since left this practice due to their incompetence.

But yes, I have trouble swallowing despite everything looking normal. GP examined my neck when I was last there and said it was fine.

Do you have problems with oesophageal motility? What I mean is does the food that you eat feel like it takes a long time in passing your throat after you swallow?

When you next go to your GP ask if they can do an ultrasound of your thyroid. I haven't had mine done for a while but the Endo I'm seeing in March might be able to arrange one.

Good luck!!

Jo xxx


I have this , comes and goes, also had normal ultra scan. I feel it's a autoimmune flair, what I mean is this. Hashimotos or graves desease have antibodies that attack the thyroid when this happens during the flair the thyroid swells and the feeling of the throat is present. Hope this helps. X


Hi Merissa, I have difficulties swallowing all the time and I have Hashimoto's. It can't be a constant thyroid flare, surely? Plus my Anti-TPO antibodies have since gone down.

I feel like I'm making this symptom up whenever I talk about it and whenever I see my GP who examines my neck and says it's fine it makes me feel like a hypochondriac.


Jo xxx


Aww bless, it could be globus hysteria,,gerd. In terms of hashimotos, antibodies swing high one time and low the next, gp is not the right specialist to give you your answers as they have limited knowledge. Lump in the throat can be there but when hashi flare presents it will make the symptoms more prominent which can cause difficulty swallowing. With you though you say the swallowing difficulties are there all the time, maybe then you have hypothyroidism now, as hashimotos will eventually lead to hypothyroidism. However hashimotos causes sluggishness indigestion. I really hope you find answers from the endocronologist. Good luck jo. Xxx


I meant to say sluggish digestion. X


See your GP. The goiter may be inflamed then calm down. GP may order an ultrasound.


Thanks for the help. Today it has gone down and all feels quite normal today.


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