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Members suggestions for T3 purchase

Hi everyone,

I'm knew to this forum. Joined on behalf of my wife 3 years hypothyroidism , T4 only, supposedly 'normal' but still very symptomatic. Got to see an Endo after 6 months wanting to ask to try T3 and he is stallling. Seems even if he say yes eventually , it will be private prescription ? Even though he is an NHS Endo , is this true?. We would like to be informed before our next appointment of our options. Could any members please privately send me some links to source T3 privately?

Thank you kindly

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new not knew!


I have sent you a PM.


As a matter of interest, have you been told that you'd probably be issued a private prescription, or are you making that assessment based on the reports of others in your area? (Ignore this if intrusive - I've noticed someone today say that her T3 is being withdrawn and she's been advised to consider a private prescription/source, I think).


I am in the same position my consultant refused to even discuss testing or talking about T3 that I have been on for years. I am going to see someone privately to get tested to see how much I should be taking then will find out where outside the UK I get buy it and hope the government get it back . Ann Simpson


They should not be withdrawing on grounds of cost

These are guidelines from BTA for endocrinologists



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