Why do some patients need much higher doses than others?

4 Reasons Why You May Need More Thyroid Medication

by Holtorf Medical Group

Do you need more thyroid medication? If you're a thyroid patient, you may be taking a dose of thyroid medication that is larger than friends or family members who are also on thyroid hormone replacement. Yes, body weight can play a small role in dosage, but all things being equal, some people still simply require far larger doses of thyroid medications. What's really going on?

Researchers took a look at some of the key factors that cause patients to need larger-than-expected dosages of thyroid medication. The study looked at levothyroxine dosages in hypothyroid patients, but the factors they identified – the reasons why you may need more thyroid medication – are relevant whether you’re taking levothyroxine, liothyronine (T3), or natural desiccated thyroid for your hypothyroidism.

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Very interesting, thank you.

Add - having had bariatric surgery and lactose intolerance. :-)

Haven't added resistance to thyroid hormone either.

How can you find if you have resistance to thyroid hormone? Thanks.


Usually both TSH and FT4 will be high.


Thank you. So I conclude I do not have thyroid hormone resistance, which must be a good thing at least!

Enjoyed !!! Thank you ,

Yes lots of rules to follow but well worth the effort of getting everything right. Many doctors haven't a clue but lots of info on the Thyroid uk site as well.

I'm currently taking 250mcg levo and dont feel well. Also have low in range vitamins. Which category is this or is this an additional item?


250mcg is a high dose. You need to check 250mcg is optimal for you and correct low vitamin levels.

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