Is Calceos (calcium and Vit D3) supplement the right one for thyroid problems?

I have half an underactive thyroid following removal of the right side for cancer treatment. They also removed a parathyroid gland that was imbedded in the isthmus tissue during and blood tests done in July (5 months post op) have found that I'm Vit D3 deficient and need calcium too. I've finally been prescribed Calceos from my GP but I'm not sure if it is the correct Vit D3. I've read that there is a synthetic version made from sheeps' wool, which I thought was Vit D2, but when I googled colecalciferol (noted on the packaging) it says that this is the synthetic version made from sheeps' wool. Which is correct and is the one I've been prescribed vegan?

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  • Hi You would need to ask the pharmacist or may be the manufacturers about the vegan bit. The treatment should be right but you need a test again for D and calcium ( corrected) 3 months after starting the treatment and then now and again. Calcium is dangerous ,if it goes over range and this can happen with D. Your GP has followed the NICE recommendation. However, it may be better to be given D on its own, depends on the calcium..If calcium over range, D , even on its own, has to be reduced or stopped. It is synthetic., not sure, but think it always is.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I haven't started the tablets because I'm worried about whether it is natural or synthetic. If it's synthetic and made from the lanolin in sheep's wool then I cannot use it because I'm allergic to lanolin. I'll have to go back to the pharmacist as see he can help me.

    Also, the advice about being tested is good. I didn't know that I should be tested every 3 months and I'll be aware of this when I see my endocrinologist tomorrow.


  • High not quite so simple. Vit D is good for thyroid as hormonal, ideally under an endo, actually really complicated. If D is good it helps the thyroid. If low, can cause painful limbs etc. The calcium is to help you absorb the d, also both are normally used to treat, Osteopenia, which is not developed into Osteoporosis. There are lots of drugs for that, all fairly unpleasant side effects etc. Low D can make one less resistant to cancer and lots of other things. However, still has to be stopped if calcium over range, as that is even more dangerous.

    I would phone the address on the tablets, companies are usually very good at giving info. otherwise ask the pharmacist. if they do not know, they will find out for you. There are alternatives but I think all synthetic ( not sure). .

    I hope that helps.


  • Thanks Jackie for your help. I'm seeing my endocrinologist tomorrow and I will mention it to him and if no joy I will ring the company.

  • Hi - try Lifestream Natural Calcium: a powdered sea-vegetable called Lithothamnium Calcareum, with added co-factors of magnesium, boron, selenium and zinc for maximum absorption and bone health. Half a teaspoon in a glass of water (neutral taste) yields about 460 mg of calcium (you can only absorb 500 mg at any one time). Calcium is to be taken after supper, according to the endo at my last visit and only if you cannot get enough from food apparently. (Who could?). I do not believe in megadoses of more than 1000 mg a day as used to be recommended. These may disturb the calcium/magnesium balance and affect the muscles, including the heart. For Vit D, try the Better You DLux oral spray 1000IU. I have been advised by the endo to take this dose 10 months out of 12 omitting July and August to improve calcium absorption and bone density. Both are really nice to take: no huge tablets or capsules. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Belwom for this information, where can I get them from? I've seen my endo today and he thinks that I would have been prescribed the synthetic variety. I explained that I'm allergic to Lanolin and he said to try the ones I've got and if I have a problem he will sort something out with chemists board (I cannot remember who he meant, typical brain fog!)

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Thyroid Thora - these are available from independent health food shops and the Vit D spray also from Holland & Barrett. Good luck.

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