Vit D deficiency. Is it D2 or D3 we need to correct this?

I asked for a Vit D test for the first time 3 years ago but got a flat 'No'.

I asked for one yet again 10 days ago and was successful! However I haven't yet seen the results. I have been prescribed D3 20 mg/800 UI x 3 daily. After just one dose I had a dreadful attack of sweating in public which was very embarrassing. My friend has been on D2 12.5 mg x 3 daily for several months and although she has had no side effects, she has also noticed no improvement in her symptoms. Do others have experience of D3 and what were they? Did it help in the end?


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  • It is D3 you need. Some people including me just cannot tolerate supplements so it's very difficult to correct. Pray for a good summer as the sun is the best way.

  • Thanks for this info re: D3

  • I take 10,000IU's daily and have not suffered the way you describe. They are fat soluble so best taken with something containing fat - not often you hear that.... :-) Have experienced good things with D3.

    It has been mentioned here that it is best to start low and slow - so try taking just one capsule for a week - then two and work up to the three. VitD is more than a vitamin - it is a steroidal pre-hormone - and carries out endless work in the body. So keep taking it. Let us know the result when you receive it....

  • Thanks for you advice and I will definitely keep taking it - even if I have to start at just one a week

    However, I am not keen on the vitamin d council because as far as I can see, although they are non-profit making themselves, all of their sponsors seem to me to be in the business of manufacturing synthetic Vit D supplements. I admit this is a prejudice but having had friends die from the side effects of medication early in the HIV epidemic and the research I did then, I have my reasons. Thanks again for your help around starting slowly and building up..

  • Yes sponsors can be a problem with some sites. However it was purely for you to see the breadth and depth of VitD and its impact on health. Unfortunately we cannot obtain enough D3 in our foods or from the sun or lack of it - so we have to go for the capsules.

  • It's very low dose of vit D (but it's the right D). I need 2000 iu a day to stay the same, let alone raise levels. I found that pills and capsules were no good, I couldn't absorb the contents, so I take a an oil emulsion of D3, which works fine. You should get your calcium levels checked if you are supplementing vit D.

  • Thanks, I thought I had read this. Money has always been the issue in trying to get my GP to prescribe D3 for me but the only way I'm going to be able to titrate the dose is to try something in liquid form

  • Hi, I wonder which brand you have been given. I was prescribed fultium 800iu by my endo in April 2012, my Vit D rose from 20 ish to 80 ish by Aug 2012. I continued supplementing but level was down to about 60 in Aug 2013. I pointed this out so endo agreed to double dose for the winter. Now I am supposed to stop the supplement for 8 weeks to then recheck. It seems my absorption rate has gone down. I wonder whether different brands should be used for long term deficiency or maybe Angel of-the north's oil would be better for some patients eg if you seem to react to it?

  • It is Fultium 800iu x 3 daily that I have been prescribed. I haven't had my levels back yet but I wonder if my level has been so low that even the one dose of 800iu was too much at first. I will try again in a few days but will also be checking out some other suggestions like the drops or D3 in an oil emulsion. Well, I mean, I will be checking out the cost of buying it myself. The patient leaflet does suggest a 12 week initial course then a break to research levels. On the other hand - perhaps it's good he doesn't know the forum I use or my user name - on my GPs previous record, it could be I'm not even deficient! I've asked for this test for 3 years and he didn't even have to good grace to ring me to say I was deficient. The prescription just appeared. Thanks for your response.

  • Just thinking back the endo told me to buy my own from high street store at first and later it was added tprescription meds when fultium became available on NHS, so maybe as you say my levels were higher by the time I started on fultium. Gradual building sounds like a good option for you. :-)

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