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Results on one gain Armour

Hi to everyone

Have just had my results back from the Gp. Am currently on one grain armour.

TSH 5.32 (0.35 -5)

T4 8.6 (7-20)

T3 4.5 (3.5 - 5)

Had recently switched from 2 grains of Erfa to 1 grain Armour as Erfa was out of stock when I needed more supplies.

My private doc suggested I was overmedicated with Erfa as I had a suppressed TSH on 2 grains (I now know that is normal) and I lost all confidence in him.Having said that I did not have a huge reduction in symptoms either whilst on 2 grains. The brain fog eased a bit. I stupidly reduced my dose to 1 grain. I have been to my GP to see if he could perhaps think about T3 as he thinks I now have fibromyalgia. My GP has referred me back to the Endo at the local hospital. I do know that when I saw the endo last time with figures very similar to the ones above (whilst on 50mcg levo) she said they were fine and that the fact that my tsh was over 5 and my T4 were low were not important as the T3 was 'reasonable.' I feel she will come up with the same argument this time.She is very opposed to NDT. Am I right in telling her that these figures are not right. I feel so unwell.

All the usual suspcts Vit d, vitb12, iron ferritin are ok. I supplement anyway.

Hope I have made sense, cant think straight!

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If you email and ask for a list of NHS Endos and one may be near you.

You are hypo at present with a TSH of 5.2 and that is probably because your meds are too low. As you say above, when your TSH was suppressed you felt well and your fibromyalgia is now probably due to the same reason.


Thanks shaws will email Louise.


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