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Final Blood Test Results. Could I get some help interpreting these results please?


After lots of different tests, I have my final results. A thyroid scan showed some heterogeneous echo texture which I understand is in line with Hashimotos. My Thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAB) are 36.9.

My TSH was 3.04 but in latest result is 2.78.

The ones I really don't understand are Total T3 the range says 1.00-3.00 (nmol/L) and my result is 1.32.

My Free T4 in a range of 7.0-16.0 (pmol/L) is 10.9 and my Ferritin is 25 in a range of .7-100 (ng/ml)

My Endocrinologist gave me a prescription for 25 mg of Thyroxine, but she is to confirm that based on these results.

I would be most grateful if anyone could give me their experience of how these results seem, because on the surface they seem alright to me, apart from the Thyroglobulin antibodies which I know are high.

I am just so exhausted all of the time and I am desperate to get something to help me. Any advice greatly appreciated as this is a whole new world to me. Thanks so much.

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Sorry you had no replies - I am posting to push this back to the latest activity.

For future reference, people tend to get a better response in the Question section..




Oh, thanks Louise. Yes, a bit disappointing, but understandable I guess. Everyone is dealing with their own issues. I will try it in the questions section. Thanks so much for your reply!


I would say your ferritin is low, but the range looks a bit odd, is it really 0.7 - 100? And it would be worth getting B12, folate and vit D tested.



Hi Hampster,

Thanks for the reply. I thought the ferritin looked a bit low. Yeh, the ranges don't seem to match what is online. Sorry it should have been 7-100 not 0.7 but still....a bit odd I thought! Also I did get my Vitamin D tested and it is fine as is my B12. Folate was not tested. It's all new to me, so I guess I will have to learn as I go. There seem to be plenty of resources online anyway, so that's good. Thanks again for your response. Much appreciated. Scarlett71.


Worth posting the vit D and B12 results if you have them, the ranges aren't that reliable.


My Vitamin D is 67.3 and it just says sufficiency > 50 nmol/L. I can't find my B12 results at present. Sorry, dashing out. Thanks again though. Will ask my endo re all the results if she would ever get back to me as promised. Cheers.


I'm no expert as I'm still learning myself but thought I'd reply seeing as you've not yet had any other replies. (Edited - I started this before you had any replies but nodded off in between!!)

Your TSH is still a bit high, you should be aiming to get it down to the bottom of the range, usually below 1.0. Your FT4 range is weirdly wide (most ranges are between 10.0/12.0 - 24.0 pmol/L) & although your result looks ok, it too is low as it should be up around the top of the range, i.e., 22.0 pmol/L. I've yet to persuade my GP to take no nonsense from the lab & insist my T3 is tested but from what I've read, I believe that too should be close to the top of the range.

Your ferritin is definitely low & this will be another reason why you feel rubbish. You need your ferritin upto 100 & never less than 75. Either ask your GP for a prescription for iron tablets or buy them over the counter at your pharmacy. (You can get natural iron in the form of Spatone but in my personal experience it's no good for raising such low levels though might be ok for maintenance later on).

25mcg of Levo is just a starting dose, I've been told most patients are on approx. 175-250mcg & you should go back for a full thyroid function test every 6-8 weeks until your levels start to rise & expect to have your Levo increased (it takes 6 weeks for Levo to optomise).

Have you had any other blood test's done, i.e., Vit D, B12, folate? If not then you should ask for these to be done.

I've been on Levo for a year now, just gone upto 175mcg daily & I'm still no where near close to getting sorted out (I also have Hashi's). I'm also still struggling to get my ferritin & Vit D within range but I've just discovered that the pain medication I have to take each day will be interferring with everything & my GP should know better!!

My fatigue is still frustrating & I'm fed up with never having any energy to do anything. If it weren't for my dog's making me get up each morning then I'd rarely leave my bed/the sofa (& I'm fairly confined already). When I was first finally diagnosed last year I was told it would take at least a year to get on top of things & at my last appointment last month my GP warned it could be another year yet!! :o(

I hope to have been some help & I wish you all the very best :o)

Lyndsay x


Gosh Lyndsay it looks like you have been through the ringer alright. Blimey, a year or more to get sorted. I guess a lot of patience is required with this disease. Your comments have been so helpful to me and I will look at all the suggestions you make for sure. I really hope you see some improvements soon. I may relax then as I thought I would be popping my pill and be grand.....very naive.....I know! So I am in in for the long haul then. Well, for me knowledge is power so I intend to find out all I can and kick its ass! Best of luck to you. x.


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