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thyroid results help needed

I was on here a while ago but have waited for a new thyroid test i'm trying to find out why i'm having constant sweats and many other symptoms.My memory is so bad i can't recall how and who I was messaged by.I have just received some results today and wonder who can read them.results are as follows

Serum TSH level ( XaELV 1.8miu/L [0.35- 3.5]

Serum free T4 level (XaERr) 10.5pmo/L [7.8 - 17]

Serum free triiodothyronine level (XaERq) 4.5 pmol/L [3.4 -6] any help gratefully received

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I wonder if your thyroid might be slightly underactive, despite your results being in range. your T4 and T3 are in the lower part of the range so this may well be the case.

Are you on thyroxine? If so, I think you are on too low a dose. Many people on thyroxine need their TSH in the lower part of the range (below 1 or even 0.5) but this is not always the case so go slow with any increase. T4 usually needs to be in the upper part of the range and T3 in the upper half of the range. Of course, if you are taking different thyroid meds that contain T3, this won't necessarily be the case.

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn thanks for that I was on thyroxine for a lot of years on 150 mgms but then recently they said it was too high so reduced dose to 100 mgms I didn't realise there was another result under the ones I posted it says SErum TSH level 1.1 miu/L [ 0.35-3.5] EURYTHYROID picture ( including satisfactory thyroid replacement) I don't know if this is more helpful ? Do I go back to him as he has said Normal on the phone to me ? I can't pretend to know what I'm talking about as still don't understand it all yet. Thanks so much x


Hi Carolyn B I'm not sure if I've done a reply properly it's in reply to my first question thanks


Hi. Your story sounds so much like mine. Fortunately, my endocrinologist had a fit when he heard my GP had reduced my dose and put it up again - to more than it was before. I was taking 125mcg, GP reduced to 100mcg, slowly declined (took about 18 months) and ended up with night sweats, itching all over, falling down the stairs, carpel tunnel syndrome to name a few new symptoms. My blood results were within range, but my TSH was 2.05 and T4 and T3 low in range. I now take 150mcg. My TSH is suppressed, my T4 is top of range (endo said it can even go over a bit) and T3 is low -mid range. I feel like I did before the GP meddled. I hope this helps you!

By the way, my bloods have ALWAYS been in range - even at diagnosis, and it amazes me to think how ill I feel when they are towards the 'bad' end of the scale and what a difference when towards the 'good' end.


hi ejh1 thanks for reply.Does this mean that although g.p. has said normal it may not be? I feel absolutely dreadful the overheating is getting out of hand.I have fibromyalgia but feel I know my symptoms from this as had it since 1993.The overheating started with chest pain (I have had severe reflux disease and have had a fundoplication operation for that)..Pain and overheating blamed on this and oesophageal spasms which are uncoordinated .However its worse and worse and the weight is piling on. I don't feel like i'm coping with anything my stress levels are high.I had seen the stuff from the two Scottish ladies and straightaway thought that could be me. The doc put down my thyroxine as he said there was too much in my body and it wasn't anthything else because the test showed it was definitely medication so down it went to 100 from 150 micrograms. I keep telling them its not right but they don't listen .I had been ok for years on the 150.Am I able to ask to see an endo? I am also seeing a neurologist for mri and scans on brain because of other probs with loss of conciousness on an evening which they think may be epilepsy but not sure .I'm sure its all linked. These results are still not going in to my brain.its just not working anymore although it was ok beforehand.I don't understand tsh or free t3 what doea it all mean? .Are g.p.s qualified and do they understand about thyroid or is it all guessing games? If I paid privately do you have any idea what it would cost me to find out? On top of all this I have not had contact with my brother for many years and we now have contact and lo and behold my brother has underactive thyroid and fibromyalgia I have instructed him to come on here and look as his symptoms seem pretty bad as well.My Mother had underactive thyroid .Although mine was severely overactive.I have gone on a bit sorry Does anyone else have any thoughts on this Thanks x


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