Urgent Help Please Lost prescription, no replacement for 4 days, Post RAI patient

Hi My daughters prescription for Erfa from Dr Skinner got lost in the post on the way to the pharmacy I use to get it delivered. I rang Dr Skinners office on Wed morning & was told that they could not fax a copy of the script to the pharmacy as " They can't do that any more" & anyway their fax was broken...... I was promised she would put another prescription in the post that day. It is now Monday & I am still waiting for it. I have tried ringing today but just get "voice box full" Dr skinner did fax me a script for thyroxine to tyde her over until Erfa script arrived but I have been unable to find a chemist who will dispense it, also thyroxine made her very ill & that's why she takes erfa. Please can Admin or someone with knowledge advise me on what to do as i'm not sure how long she can safely go on without any replacement therapy. We have had to cut our holiday short to come home & try & sort it out. Very worried Mum :(

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  • Oh no, that's terrible, I can understand your worry. I'm sorry I have no knowledge of Efra prescriptions but I do know from experience that boots can issue emergency prescriptions for up to 5 days - I've had this done on a couple of occasions for levo when the Surgery didn't manage to get the prescription sorted - sorry nt us f this is helpful. Fingers crossed that you get it sorted quickly.

  • Hi Summer thanks for your reply, sadly Erfa is not licensed in UK so can only be bought with a private prescription so I'm stuck really. :(

  • Oh no, hopefully someone with more experience will see this and have some helpful suggestions, wishing you lots of luck

  • You could try appealing to the GP, explain whats happened, and ask if they would be willing to prescribe a weeks worth on a named patient basis. I know its a long shot with our NHS but you never know. They just might be in a good mood and will do it as a one off.

  • If Erfa has already been dispensed previously, phone the supplier and ask if he would cover Erfa for a few days till you get the prescription. He can phone Dr S for confirmation (although I know it is difficult to phone sometimes).

  • Well, Dr Skinner is at a gmc hearing in Manchester today (Monday)... Hopefully you have sent in a letter of support for him so he can continue to practise.

    Erfa contains the storage hormone t4 and the active hormone t3. If your daughter is without meds for few days, she is unlikely to deplete her storage reserves of t4, so if she doing some conversion of t4 into t3 she will be fine.... She might be a bit under par through lack of instant t3 but she will survive.

  • Yes I have sent in a letter of support as I did with his last 2 hearings............! Did you???

  • Your first concern is for your daughter of course, and you may not have been aware of Dr. Skinner's absence today, but it sounds as though the prescription should have been sent to you last week anyway. Has she run out completely? If not get her to reduce the amount she takes temporarily until a new supply arrives and as Shaws says contact the pharmacy. If the worst happen (and it probably won't) take her to A and E and explain the situation. They should be able to give her a T4/T3 mix. We have usually found we get better treatment at A and E than in the specialist's office at the hospital or the by the GP. Jane x

  • Hi a big thank you to everyone who posted or private messaged me, thankfully the pharmacist where I send my precriptions agreed to supply an emergency 5 day supply to cover until Dr Skinners office can re-send another one. Phew, this is when it hits home how scarey it can be going it alone, GP & A&E are no use in this situation it's a bit worrying but thankfully she got her meds this afternoon. Thanks again Debs

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