Canadian Drugstore no longer supplying Erfa but has Armour by Forest - Prescription Required

I used to order Erfa from Universal Drugstore in Canada but with a prescription you can now get Armour which is a recent change. This is a price list for 2 grain tablets:

Armour Thyroid 120mg (2grs)

(Thyroid) Tablet

Armour Thyroid (thyroid) Prescription Required

Manufactured by Forest Pharmaceuticals,IN

Product of United States

Shipped from United States

See Disclaimer

PLEASE NOTE: We require a VALID PRESCRIPTION for prescription medications

All prices are given in USD


100 TABLET(S) $40.00 USD

200 TABLET(S) $75.00 USD

300 TABLET(S) $110.00 USD

400 TABLET(S) $140.00 USD

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  • I have edited this slightly to make it absolutely clear that a prescription is required. :-)

    Thanks for the info - I'm sure this will prove helpful to lots of people.



  • Thanks, Louise. There is a shipping charge but still most people on 2-grain will only pay about $15/month for this lifesaving medication. I hope it will work out for many others.

  • Hi Thanks Heloise, very useful, now all I have to do is persuade my GP to prescribe it for me......................

    Imogen x

  • I hope you can, too, Imogen. Such a shame when you look at the reasonable prices that anyone should have to go ill because doctor won't prescribe. Even if you have to pay for it yourself, it seems within reason and I hope others will consider it.

  • i had armour on nhs script from tollgate pharmacy in esses, look on line for details percy 29

  • So you paid nothing, percy? That would be preferable if you can get it within NHS but if you go private, what would the price be if you have to pay yourself.

  • There's a list of UK pharmacies on the main website that fulfil private prescriptions for desiccated thyroid. You can call them and ask what they charge.

  • Thank you for this Heloise, I hope this doesn't mean that ERFA is in short supply anywhere?

    I also found that Value Pharmaceuticals are happy to dispense ERFA thyroid at a huge discount compared to most UK suppliers, provided you fax or scan them them a private prescription. People don't have to stick to the UK suppliers just because they have a prescription. Of course getting that prescription is something else ;)

  • The prices listed for Amour are as follows:

    100 TABLET(S) $40.00 USD

    200 TABLET(S) $75.00 USD

    300 TABLET(S) $110.00 USD

    400 TABLET(S) $140.00 USD

    The last time I had my 90-day prescription filled at CVS, I paid $98.00. Back in April I paid $56.00.

    I clicked on the link for and the prices are listed as:

    100 TABLET(S) $139.00 USDSubmit

    200 TABLET(S) $269.00 USDSubmit

    300 TABLET(S) $400.00 USDSubmit

    400 TABLET(S) $530.00 USDSubmit

    500 TABLET(S) $660.00 USDSubmit

    700 TABLET(S) $921.00 USDSubmit

    1000 TABLET(S) $1,311.00 USD

    Can you say "bait and switch"?

  • I wonder what is going on....these drug companies can just charge whatever they wish which may be 'what the market will bear'. I'm afraid the same may happen with T3 but there are other NDT's that are just as good and cheaper. The Mexico store may sell it.

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