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I have been contacted by a number of people following my post about the Liothyronine (T3) that I purchase by private prescription from Belguim. As a result I have decided to post the information on here so that you can all contact the pharmacy directly. Details are as follows:

Pharmacie Catherdrale

Rue Cathedrale, 100

4000 Liege


Telephone No: +32 4 223 52 08

Fax No: +32 4 250 00 29

I always fax my private prescription (must be from a GP or Endo in the UK) along with a Fax Header stating my name, address and telephone number. A few minutes after sending the fax, I ring them up to make sure they have got it and pay the money using my Debit Card. They then send the tablets to me by FED EX and I either get them the next day or the day after.

Remember that this medication is called CYNOMEL and not by the similar name of CYTOMEL make sure you spell it correctly when you fax them!

I currently purchase 0.025mg and I do not know whether they sell other volumes of CYNOMEL, you would have to ask them. The cost for 3 months supply, including postage is approximately 40 Euros.

They have got an email address, but they never seem to answer so you are better off phoning.

A couple of people have asked it they will supply to different countries outside of the UK, my answer is I don't know you would need to contact them about this.

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Thank you for posting that info.


No problem, just want to try and help you fellow sufferers out there. Good Luck XX


Thank you so much very much appreciated



Do you ask the pharmacy for a private subscription?


Don't know what you mean by subscription. Just fax your private prescription from an endo here in the UK, phone them and pay costs quoted. Follow instructions written above and you can't go wrong.


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