Erfa batch - tablets do not have distinctive smell, they taste differently than usual?

I have received my 2 weeks supply of erfa ( my last prescription from dr Skinner) . I used different pharmacy this time as old one had some delays. Anyway this new tablets do not have this distinctive smell and taste as it used to be the case with my previous supplies. I tried them and they don't give me this slight ' kick 'as usual , my temperature doesn't raise as it used to after taking the old tablets. Tablets are well in date but I am really worried that they Lost their potency, maybe the pharmacy exposed them to air or stored in a wrong temperature. I will call them on Monday but if that's the case I will have another setback. And then chasing for another prescription and looking for doctor who would prescribe. I am so tired of this hypothyroidism , sick of chasing ndt, I dont like getting them via post. I wish I could take levothyroxine and be done with it.

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  • Could you ask your GP if he could prescribe one of the alternatives on this list.

  • I have tried but despite changing surgeries twice, I hear same stupid excuse, my tsh is in range so they won't prescribe. I said my tsh is too high for someone who takes thyroid medications, besides tsh will be suppressed if I take thyroid meds. They told me. Oh I don't understand this! I can't do it! I repeat your tsh and if its in range I can't prescribe. They dont know what NDT is. I wasn't diagnosed by this surgery but by my previous one. I fired many NHS complaints but they just washed their hands off everything. If I push they just write in my record that I am confrontational and as with previous surgery they will write me a letter that there is a breakdown of relationship between me and surgery and they have to remove me from the register. So there is no way. I cant explain anything , i cant confront anybody as if I do even in the most delicate way they just say : breakdown of relationship between patient and surgery and removal from the register. I am heavily victimised. It is pure madness. I truly think that I will die because of mistreatment.

    So I started to accept that I may die from complications at any point.

  • Oh dear ..its so sad ...what is wrong with this world? I don't understand why people with thyroid illness are treated so badly ...why why ???

  • yes, it is sad.

  • I am having the same problems ..wish I could offer help or advice ..please keep looking for a doctor that will help you and treat you accordingly best wishes to you xx lola

  • I know Lola. I have read your post. In my case I can only pray. I am in a very difficult life circumstances, and this seriously limits my chances to get help, it is all private at the end of the day.. but happen what will happen. I am very scared and I do suffer a lot but I am trying to accept all what may come. Best wishes for you too, lots of love and I hope that you will get much better and that you will succeed in your battle. Love . Edyta xx

  • Surely the easiest thing would be to purchase the brand & dosage you know works well over the Internet? You don't even need to tell your GP.

  • How can I do this please?? Ging

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