Melting Shoes,Multi personalities and Madness. It's my hormones due to my thyroid Your Honour, Honest!

Recently It would seem I have become short fused and have multi personalities. Today I was awoke with our neighbour informing us a car had smashed into our fence. We live in a quaint oasis behind a library and council offices and registry office but are surrounded by 3 carparks. The neighbour had been sat having coffee less than 3 meters away with the kitchen door open. It was the huge bang that had alerted him to the situation. Having reported this to us I grabbed my phone/camera and turned into a David Bailey Shooting every angle. My other half was muttering about changing his shoes!!!! after multi shots I grabbed my car keys, jumped into my car and parked in front of the offending car, like they do in the movies. My other half was not amused and whilst we were discussing this option of mine, our friendly neighbourhood Special happened to walk by due to recent antisocial behaviours in the area. ( Not due to me!) After explaining what happened she was most helpful and after much talking into her walky talky thingy she proceeded to give me a card with an incident number and even tracked the culprit down. She was most efficient and I was greatly relieved with her efficiency despite not being amused at the offender trying to get away with it. Later when he came knocking on our door offering to buy a replacement concrete post it was as much as I could do to not shove one where it would not see the light of day. Did he not realise what goes into supporting a concrete post into the ground! My other half and I had spent days digging holes in concrete with jack hammers and then 2 bags of post Crete ( a special concrete which hardens in 10 mins) to make sure these posts stay in forever! We did not invisage some moron to not know where the front of his car was.

After all the fuss had died down I had to chase tenants up for late and owing rents. It ceases to amaze me how other human beings who are complete strangers to me and want to rent one of our properties and sign a contract then come to me with tales of why they cannot pay the rent! What part of "you agree by law by signing a tenancy agreement to pay your rent do you do not understand?" I am one of the most compassionate landlords who will reduce rent if some one loses their job and wait weeks for owed rent but one seems to get runs of bad tenants. 75% of my tenants are top class and the other 25% bad liars! I am learning to become harder over time but I always like to give everyone a chance. .

My other half seems to have a shoe thing going on. Recently when I had a wee stay in hospital to have a stent fitted on one visiting time we wondered why my hospital bed was surrounded by black rubber. It took us a little while to work it out. For some unknown reason the soles of his shoes had decided to detach themselves from the tops. I have never seen anything like it before and probably never will again. only he could have Melting shoes! Goodness knows what he must have trod in before reaching me.

They say things happen in 3, s. Kidney stones (renal Colic) fractures ankle and stent. Well thats enough for one year. I am lucky to be alive and count my blessings every day, Well not this morning maybe!

But ever the optimist I am sure my thyroidy thing will carry on improving. T3 works for me but endo and GP not amused at the amounts I needed and I not happy with reintroducing T4. It did not work the first time round and seemingly not the second time either after stopping It for 10 wks and just having the T3. The time has now come and NDT commenced Monday topped up with T3. By Monday night I felt things I had not felt for a long time! My other half couldn't believe his luck!!! It was like a reawakening! Caught me by surprise and certainly my partner!

So it will be interesting to find out if NDT is for me? In just a few days I have experienced a wide range of emotions and behaviours, so will I discover the old me before My thyroid went on strike? That remains to be seen. I do hope so as I did not mind the labels I was given before by past therapists! I am not alone when I can talk to my different personalities! We will beat this thyroid thing and hopefully before I ram something up somebody! The idiot who doesn't know where the front of his car has offered to install the new post. That will be fun! Apparently he has a little jack hammer. More like he is a jack hammer. There are jack hammers and there are Jack hammers. And he is a Jack Hammer! And I might even be tempted to show him where to put his little jack hammer! Since all these 60 minute house make overs and such like, Every one thinks they are a builder! I have been fortunate to have a partner who is a real builder so I do have many years of experience, but also working in the building industry. I Can plaster, lay bricks, do a bit of plumbing and carpentry so i can sure tell the boys from the men! Jack hammers at dawn! Let the fun begin.

Take care all you thyroidy people out there. X

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  • Well perhaps with all that concrete around, you might have to have a 'Brookside' moment and put a patio in! Keep writing! Mary F x

  • Thanks Mary. Will do my best! X

  • Your thyrant made me burst out laughing :) I hope your week gets less interesting.

  • Thank you Clutter. X

  • Lovely blog and I laughed out loud but why is the little Jack Hammer's insurance not handling everything? It should not affect your no claim's discount. I see trouble ahead if little Jack Hammer is allowed to wield one. Heads flying! Either yours or his!

  • Funny how one can miss the obvious in such situations Hennerton, but being of such a good nature I am happy to oversee Little Jack Hammer do the work! To be honest I am pretty sure he will either not turn up or if he does he does not realise his tool is not up to the job! I will get his insurance details this morning incase needed . Thank you. X

  • hello had a similar thing happen too a field of mine, after seeking legal advice I was told that I can put a lean agreement on the car until the damage had been repaired and in fact charge them for parking as they can't legally remove the vehicle, wish I had taken the advice as after the insurance company removed the vehicle it took them 8 months too pay half my claim and I am still out of pocket by £3,000 and as I rent the field will have too do the work myself. wish I hadn't been so soft especially after he drove through the field let my sheep out and they were killed. Next time, hopefully it wont happen again, I will take my solicitors advice.! You can claim for your time and expenses, although if like directline probably wont pay.

  • Sorry to hear your bad experience Hattiehound. Being a softie doesn't pay! Sorry to hear about you losing so many sheep too. Aweful. I asked him for his insurance details today as he was trying to get his car to start. When he left in a hurry after smashing fence post he forgot to turn his lights off so battery run down! I believe in karma! But to cover myself I will be contacting my buildings insurance. I have never heard of lean agreement. Learn something new each day!

  • A lean agreement is the legal agreement that garages etc use say if you have your car repaired and don't pay? I never realised you could use it for damage too property, hopefully I never have this happen again, hope you get it sorted. karen x

  • Many thanks Karen. We will sort it for sure even if we fix it ourselves!!

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