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just to update you's

took BH results to my gp today, he asked me why got done on the 1/8 when he had done one on 27/7 he was not amused, anyway his result was fine so we had a few words so he has decided to go with my results, he has increased thyroixine to 175mcg and cyanocobalamin 50mcg,fultium-d3 3,200 unit capsules for 4wks then 800units as maintenance and I go back in 8wks and he will do all the bloods on my BH results. Is that an ok result your thoughts plz x

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Lucieb01 Poor doctor, never mind, he'll get over it!

50mcg cyanocobalamin for a B12 of 136 when the lab says <140 is deficient????? Well, wash my mouth out because I shouldn't say what I am thinking!

Cyanocobalamin is the wrong sort of B12 and here's why . If he wont give you injections then just sort it yourself. Someone else will tell you about how to go about self injecting or get Solgar or Jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges 5000mcg.

When taking B12 you also need a B Complex. Thorne Basic B or Jarrows B Right, both contain 400mcg folate which you need as your folate is also low.

Does Fultium contain only D3 and no calcium? You don't want calcium unless you've been tested. Is that 3,200iu daily? Probably not enough considering your level is 15. I got mine up from 15 (severely deficient) to 200 in two and a half months by taking 40,000iu daily for two weeks or so, then dropping down to 5,000iu daily. When I reached 200 I reduced it to 5,000iu daily on Monday to Friday only, so 25,000iu a week, and it went down to 150. I don't want it to go any higher so I'm now on a maintenance dose.

When supplementing with D3 you also need K2-MK7. Vit D aids absorption of calcium, K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. Your doctor probably doesn't know about that.

What about your ferritin? Is he ignoring that?

What was your dose of Levo before.

You had lots of advice on your previous thread about high antibodies, PPIs, etc., so hopefully you've taken that on board.


Hi seaside

I am not happy and have taken all the great advice on board 2 true I just wanted all your thoughts x


"I just wanted all your thoughts"

Well, mine are rather naughty, peppered with a few expletives :D


My polite thoughts are "Your doctor is a damn fool, sort yourself out and don't be scared to tell him he is one when your levels are sorted."



I don't know if I want to buy and inject or tabs/lozengers


Lucieb01 I see you are a member of the PA forum on HU. I would be guided by them, they will be far more experienced in B12 deficiency. Mine was never deficient so I just boosted my level with 1000mcg methylcobalamin so my experience isn't going to help. Whatever you decide, you need serious supplementation.


My thoughts, get the right B12, I use BetterYou spray and it works well plus tastes good !

Try the Fultium 800 before diving into mega doses, some people don't tolerate vitd supplements so better to start low and see how you go.

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I will write more later, but I thought this article was very well worth reading.

Your poor gut health is definitely a very major part of your problem, and it needs to be treated properly as soon as possible.

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Hi I just read that article and it was very interesting BUT I think the problem that we hypothyroids have is LOW stomach acid - not HIGH so it is even more important not to take the PPI's for long periods of time. We have digestion problems which can be sorted out with going gluten free and also figuring out our other food intolerances.

I had to stop the PPIs when my gastroenterologist (before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism) decided to stick a camera down my oesophagus to check my acid levels. He said, 'strangely your acid levels aren't very high.' but never made the leap to suggest getting my thyroid checked.

So I stopped the PPIs and changed my diet and also - very important - take Betain & Pepsin tablets when I eat meat and also take a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with its mother (available on Amazon) with a glass of water sipped through a straw. This helps raise the acid levels and the Betain & Pepsin helps digest the food. When you are hypothyroid your digestive system goes on strike which is why you get deficient in all the vitamins and minerals.


Yes I agree that hypothyroid people have low stomach acid. And one of the ways that low stomach acid shows itself is by giving people acid reflux and heartburn because food in the stomach isn't digested properly.

The author of the article wasn't saying he had too much acid (that I noticed anyway). His original problem was acid reflux and he was given an acid blocker to "fix" that.

But that is exactly what happens to hypothyroid sufferers. They have too little acid, the stomach doesn't digest properly, so they get acid reflux, and are then given PPIs to "fix" it.

Doctors haven't yet grasped that the vast majority of people with acid reflux have low stomach acid, and so they dish out the PPIs like sweeties.

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I spoke to gp about gut prob but he did not say anything Iam stopping ppi's and I asked gp about t3 and was told they don't give them anymore only an endo can give them


Be very careful about giving up PPIs - don't jump into doing it with both feet. You will get rebound hyper-secretion of acid as your body over-reacts to the removal of the PPI. Yes, you need to stop them, but I think you would benefit from improving your gut health by other means first.

The sort of thing I'm thinking of ...

1) Go gluten-free - it isn't easy, but it helps almost everyone with any autoimmune disease, and is good for the gut too. It must be done 100%, no cheating.

2) Go sugar-free - lots of us get benefits from going sugar-free.

3) You could buy some L-Glutamine powder. I found this very helpful (I still take it). It is a conditionally-essential amino acid that helps with repairing the lining of the gut. Buy the powder, not the capsules. I've bought this one before and found it acceptable :

Twice a day take 1 heaped teaspoon mixed in a smallish glass of cold water. Don't take it near hot foods or hot drinks because it is destroyed by heat.

4) Buy some good quality probitotics. I tend to change the brand I take every time I buy them to get as much variety as possible.

5) Some people get their probiotics from fermented foods such as kefir and sauerkraut. I'm not knowledgeable on these, but do some searches on the forum.

The above is not a complete list, but if you start on these your gut should benefit. Maybe give it a month (?) before coming off PPIs. Before then you should look into taking other products to increase the acid in your stomach - people end up with different solutions to this :

1) Lemon juice or lime juice in water

2) Organic cider vinegar in water

3) Betaine HCL + pepsin. The links I gave you yesterday from scdlifestyle explain how to use this.

4) Digestive enzymes

5) Digestive bitters (also mentioned on the scdlifestyle links).

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When supplementing vitamin d it is a good idea to include magnesium too, as well as Vit K2

Also becuase you are on PPI , likely to have low magnesium anyway. (Blood test for magnesium levels is not considered very accurate).

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Hi Lucieb01,

If you are determined to give up on your doctor and treat your own nutrient deficiencies, here are some suggestions :

Vitamin D : Choose 10,000 iU capsules of vitamin D3. Take them daily and re-test after 3 months.

Vitamin D supplements increase the absorption of calcium from your food. You want that calcium to go into your bones and teeth, not your arteries. To help this process along take vitamin K2 along with the vitamin D3.

For more info :

You also need magnesium. Blood tests for magnesium are not reliable, and supplementing sensibly doesn't cause any problems I'm aware of. The recommended daily amount of magnesium is about 400mg per day. Some people take more. For info on the different kinds of magnesium supplement see these articles and choose the one which appeals to you most :

Ferritin (iron stores) : To improve ferritin you need to take iron supplements. One of the most popular on this forum is iron (or ferrous) bisglycinate otherwise known as Gentle Iron. This can be bought on Amazon very easily.

There is another common iron supplement called ferrous fumarate (FF). This can be bought from pharmacies or online. The thing to look for is Ferrous Fumarate 210mg, sold in boxes of 84. The maximum dose is 1 taken 3 times per day, but it can be hard to tolerate so you might only manage 1 or 2. With each dose of iron take 500mg - 1000mg vitamin C. This helps to prevent constipation, and helps the body to absorb the iron. It is essential to test iron on a regular basis. Test after 3 months to get an idea of how fast you are absorbing.

Vitamin B12 - there are several forms of B12, and one that works for many of us is methylcobalamin. The popular brands on here, available from Amazon, are Jarrow Formulas and Solgar 5000 mcg tablets. Put a tablet under your tongue and let it dissolve slowly, no chewing or sucking. This is supposed to maximise absorption. B12 isn't poisonous, so there is no problem ending up with a high level of B12, as long as that high B12 is achieved through supplementation.

Folate - you must have sufficient folate for your body to make use of the B12. Don't take folic acid, instead take methylfolate. It is also essential to take the other B Vitamins so that you keep the levels of B vitamins balanced. Two popular B Complexes on the forum which include methylfolate are Thorne Basic B Complex and Jarrow Formulas B Right.

Iron and vitamin D must be taken at least four hours away from taking thyroid meds. Other supplements mentioned need to be taken 2 hours away from thyroid meds.

If you follow the suggestions you get on here about improving your gut health then it is possible that your absorption of supplements may improve over time. Take account of this when deciding when to do testing.

Introduce supplements one at a time a few days apart, except folate and B12 - I think they might need to be introduced together, but I'm not sure. Ask the PA Soc people.

The idea of introducing supplements separately is so that you know if any of your supplements are disagreeing with you.

Good luck.


I have stood up to my local Drug pusher i mean GP old are you? I'm surprised he/she hasn't pinned it all on your age!! if you are young...or if you are

Anyway as others have said get your iron sorted too....pftftftftftftf...why did you get tested a few days later??? ha ha ha....hahahahahhahahhahahhah..maybe something to do with not being listened to? and being informed???

my gp will only test for TSH BH give you a comprehensive reading and advice...ive spent eh last year trying to sort myself out i will NEVER EVER trust a GP again....they have really no here and get great advice from people who have trodden the boards and got the tear soaked t shirt....these guys get my vote and my trust I'm staying away from the GP surgery from now on!



everything you said is why I am 62yrs and a pissed person

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You're in the right place a friend said to me...buckle up its gonna be a bumpy ride but with freinds it can be a bett journey xxx

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Great journey x

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