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Courage of my convictions - seeing a relationship between Thyroid, hormones, ADHT, Auto Immune Disease and madness

I had a conviction for a few years now, between the relationship of additives (and have read numerous articles) in diets and the illnesses listed above.

Raising us, our Mum was a little out of control when it was the wrong time of the month and we had periods where she was fine. I felt a little this way myself in my early 30's and learnt to remove the triggers that could have made things worse for me. In her late forties, my Mum started to get agitated again. After a hysterectomy, due to fibroids, she was put onto HRT and Thyroid replacement, but only took these intermittengly. However, her moods started to become worse and she began to hallucinate. Doctors then decided she had a mental illness and she has had to 'wear' this label since. I think the isolation and stigma she has had to endure, not having a medical practitioner on her side to listen, empathise and try to understand how she felt, has resulted in extreme anger. The sad ending to this story is things became so bad, that eventually not a single family member would visit and she has become progressively worse over the years living a lonely life on her own. I'm convinced a correct thyroid diagnosis would change her life (she refuses to be tested for anything any more and stays as far away from the medical fraternity as possible).

My conviction is my Mum's story is related to hormones and thyroid, not mental illness, and wonder how many other people are suffering. I have found this site invaluable, because the support is incredible, but more importantly being able to have people to identify with, who are suffering, even though it's not necessarily exactly as in my Mum's case.

Sometimes I've looked at my Mum and thought maybe she has Biopolar and then i've had to wonder why there are so many people in the world who now have this diagnosis? I look at children who are diagnosed with ADHD and wonder where it comes from. I've read articles relating to both that say these people could be suffering with thyroid related issues, not mental illness.

I've read auto immune disease could be related to thyroid. These people have to endure the label of depression and, in some cases, have to take mind altering medication, when one wonders the outcome if they were diagnosed and treated correctly?

Another article stated our water has had fluoride added to it since after the war, to try to combat dental issues, but since most of us use toothpaste these days, how unnecessary this is. What was more alarming though, was the research into additional fluoride and the link to Thyroid disease.

Additives to our breads, also since the war, and the link between these additives and Thyroid disease, Coeliac disease and celiac disease - UK's own Esther Rantzen's daughter was in a wheel chair for years with an illness that went undiagnosed.

My sister in-law, who is a water scientists, was recently instructed to conduct further tests into the high rates of birth control hormones in our water. I wonder if this is why our Oestrogen levels are unbalanced?

How many of us drink this water, eat this bread? Is this not the reason so many of us are suffering from some of the illnesses above?

I recently had a hysterectomy due to a big fibroid (as did my Mum at this age). I alerted my sister to this and suggested she have a scan, only for her to find one herself, double the size ( do you have an extended tummy? Have you had yours checked?). I did extensive research and discovered the link between too much Oestrogen and fibroids, as well as Thyroid disease and Oestrogen. I wondered if my gynaecologist had rather regulated my thyroid, would my body have stopped over producing the Oestrogen the fibroid so desperately needed to grow huge? But why would he? The turnover in his business would be drastically reduced if he didn't have so many fibroids to remove, so why would one feel the need to investigate what pays the bills?

So my conviction is additives to our diets are the start of Thyroid, hormones, ADHT, Auto Immune Disease depression and madness - all interlinked in some way. The medical profession have not yet concentrated enough attention to piece these links together.

What are your thoughts?

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I think it certainly influences everything else specially fluoride. My monthly is out of control now. I posted here last month and this month is not different unfortunately. I've bought all the supplements people suggested here but the crying is uncontrollable. When you mentioned your mum I was thinking of how my son sees me.


I agree with you that some things can interfere with the function of the thyroid gland. Also that due to the reliance upon blood tests alone today (or not being tested at all) and ignorance of clinical symptoms which before the blood tests all doctors knew and gave a trial of NDT, causes untold misery for many .

An advanced undiagnosed condition of hypothyroidism is Myxedema Coma and there is Myxedema Madness.

I noted these two sentences -

1. The clinical presentations of thyroid hormone deficiency are diverse, complicated, and often overlooked. Hypothyroidism is a potential etiology for multiple somatic complaints and a variety of psychological disturbances. The physical complaints are primarily related to metabolic slowing secondary to lack of thyroid hormone. Psychiatric presentations....

2. Once hypothyroidism is identified, symptoms usually respond to appropriate thyroid hormone supplementation. This article presents a case of clinical hypothyroidism that came to clinical attention due to psychotic symptoms consisting of auditory and visual hallucinations."

The phrase above "Once hypothyroidism is identified, symptoms usually respond to appropriate thyroid hormone supplementation". If the patient is ever tested properly with a Full Thyroid Function Test.

An excerpt re bipolar:

Thyroid hormones can act as a mood treatment, even when a person’s thyroid levels seem to be “normal”. Read that again, it’s really important.

Okay, so does that mean their thyroid levels weren’t really “normal”? This is probably true some of the time. But in some people, it looks like the hormones, given on top of the person’s usual production, change something in the brain that changes mood. In at least some cases thyroid hormones are a treatment for mood problems that aren’t thyroid problems in the first place.

We know that quite a number are incarcerated due to their mental health but I doubt they are given thyroid hormones on a trial basis.


I should have mentioned that a certain endocrinologist has stated openly at an (International I think) Endcrinology Conference that if the TSH is within the 'range' and patient is still complaining and is dissatisfied with levothyroxine that they are actually suffering from a Somatization Disorder.

So where does that leave a patients who do become mentally ill due to the fact that their brain/body has insufficient T3.

Who will be believed, the suffering patient or the Educated Endo?

Who funded the Conference - was it Levo manufactuers?


This article gives food for thought:

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Totally agree with everything you say - although I Don't think it's the whole story, by any means. I've been thinking all this for a long time.

Agree with the article about HRT, too. Life is not a disease, but Big Pharma is trying to make it so. And Big Food is helping them.


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