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Just got blood test back don't know what it means

I have hypothryoidism but dont know what results mean or even if its borderline hypo.

Serum free T4 Level 16.1 pmol/L (9-28) i cant find a T3 level

Serum TSH level 7.33 mu/L (0-5)

Serum albumin 53 g/L (35-50)

Serum Total bilirubin level 31 umol/L (0-20)

Lympocyte count 4.64 10*9L (1.5-4.0)

Are all of these around normal or is there any that i can find more out on, new to this so don't really know if these are ok. thanks in advance

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Are these the results when you are on medication or before you started medication? That really is an important question because I will affect the answers you receive :)


Nope just iron tablet 3 days before


Ok. If these are your results before starting medication (i.e. the results that resulted in your diagnosis) you are lucky that you were diagnosed. Many people are left to rot until their TSH is above 10 and sometimes higher! It sounds like you have a good doctor.

In this case, as your hypothyroidism isn't too bad, I would expect you would only need a fairly small dose - perhaps 25-50mcg of levothyroxine.

TSH is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and is released by the pituitary gland to tell your thyroid how much thyroid hormone to produce. If it is higher than normal, it can be an indication that your thyroid isn't producing enough thyroid hormone for your body's needs.

T4 is one of the thyroid hormones. It is a storage hormone that needs to be converted to T3, the active form. The thyroid does also produce a small amount of T3.

Most labs only test TSH unless if falls outside the reference range, in which case they will also test T4. They rarely test T3 and only if asked for. Some will only test if this is asked for by an endocrinologist or if there is a 'good enough' reason.

Your TSH is too high, in these results, and your T4 could be better. It might take a while to find the right dose.

Carolyn x


Ok, i wish doctors would explain a bit more thoroughly like you, also yes just 25mcg, i wondered why such a low dose, thanks for taking the time to asses where my hypo is at :) very helpfull.


You should have another blood test after being on this dose for 6 weeks or so. That will help you to know whether you need an increase or not :)


Avoid eating or drinking anything other than water an hour before or after taking levo and don't take iron within 4 hours of taking levo.


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