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Borderline low / normal tsh - should I stop the meds and can I still have the antibodies test without taking meds or only after 2 weeks levo

I was diagnosed with under active thyroid last week via a routine blood test with the nurse. Didn't see GP, but prescribed 50mcg levo daily. I've been taking this daily. Level was 5.94 (range 0.5-5.5) and free t4 was normal at 14.9. B12 on low side at 258 ( range 211-911) but GP said (via the receptionist) that she wouldn't prescribe me anything for b12 and that I can buy over the counter if I want. Tried to speak with the GP on the phone about starting on 25mcg but she got the receptionist to call me to say that I am already on a low dose. Need to go back in 4-6 weeks for tsh and antibodies. I made an appointment to see gp yesterday and saw a locum gp. She said my result looks borderline and as I have normal t4, she probably would not have prescribed me levo and especially not 50mcg. She said I can drop to 25mcg if I want to, but looks like the 25mug is a different make. I also asked if I can be tested for vitamin D, folate, ferritin, iron ( can someone explain why these tests are necessary). She agreed and asked me to go back for these tests (but she hasnt written iron on the blood form, is it the same as folate and feritin) and the tsh and antibodies in 6 weeks, she pretty much left it to me whether / when I wanted to be tested. I've made the appointment for the blood test for next wed. Should I continue taking the levo or just change my lifestyle - more yoga, exercise, better diet ( not in a stressful job now either). Should I go for the test next wed - will the antibodies reveal anything if I have not been taking the med for long ( is this test to indicate if I have hashimotos), or should I wait 6 weeks. Do I need to be tested for anything else? A guy I spoke to about acupuncture is coming to see me on Monday and said he has halved tsh levels within one session, but that being on levo will be counteractive to the acupuncture. Bit confused, any thoughts?

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Hello it is all a bit confusing isn't it. Only a personal opinion but I would leave blood test and carry on with levo for around the 6 week marker.I think it would be difficult to get a true picture as to what's happening before then,it does take that time for body to adjust.Just to sat your TSH and t4 levels were identical to mine.I started on 25mcg (i am over 50 tho) at 6wk test hardly much difference so increased to 50mcg for further 5 weeks or so then retested.that increase for me altered the does take a little while so it may be better to wait a bit longer before blood test?


As already suggested I would leave your TSH test for another 6 weeks or so, nothing will show up this early. As for the other tests for vit D, folate, ferritin, I see no reason to wait to have these done and would go ahead next week as planned and see if you can get iron added as well. I am assuming that the antibodies test is the one that will tell you if you have Hashi's or not, what does it say on your form?. The reason these are important is that if you are low in any of these it can stop your thyroid meds from working effectively and often people with underactive thyroids are deficient in some of these. To my mind your vitamin B12 is too low and needs to be supplemented. Post another question on this and someone will give you a good idea of what to take and how much.

Your TSH is high, just over the top of the range. If you are already taking 50mcg and can tolerate it, I personally would continue at this level until your blood test in 6 weeks or so and see how that goes. I wouldn't chop and change around with the dose, unless you find you can't tolerate 50mcg, as its difficult to see what any particular dose is doing for you. Your T4 at 14.9 may be in the normal range but is still perhaps on the low/normal end, my labs ranges go from 10.5 to 20.00.

Sorry I know nothing about acupunturists. Not sure what he/she is proposing - curing your condition without levo?

Please bear in mind the above represents my opinion, I am not medically trained, just another person with Hashi's sufferer.


Thanks. I'm 43. What were your levels before and after? Are you still on the levo? How do you feel? Just wonder whether I should be tested for the vitamin D and folate etc sooner than the 6 weeks though. Did you put weight on before diagnosis and have you lost since? I think

I do need to make some changes to my diet too.


Hi, I think that is what I said in my post, have your Vit D, folate, ferritin (and iron) etc done asap, no need to wait for 6 weeks for those, that is just for your TSH. No need to wait for antibodies either, than could be done with the above.

I have had Hashi's for 11 years, so well down the road. A big blip a few years back gave me TSH of 45, so very high, its now down to just under 1. I am still on levo, but now a combination of T4 and T3 but had been on T4 only for 6/7 years and felt fine. I am much older than you so have probably developed a few age related conditions which stopped the T4 working as well. I am still a work in progress with the combo of T4/T3 but I am getting there.

I am one of life's 'skinnies', but put on a stone, which for me was a life-time achievement. This is gradually disappearing as my medication is being optimised, without any change in diet or exercise, I am too old anyway to take part in serious physical exercise. I know changes in diet can help a lot, I never eat processed food of any kind, stick to home made meat and 2 veg, fresh fruit, salads, nuts etc, but I do like chocolate and treat myself to plain chocolate (my favourite). I rarely eat bread, not much of a fan, but I know many people on this site will say that reducing gluten foods can improve your gut health.


Hello skinny hick. My starting levels were same as yours.after 6 wks on 25mcg no change at all.further 5/6wks on 50mic my levels went to TSH 1.2 they didn't test for t4 on that occasion I don't think. I felt good on that but after about 8 wks felt it slipping back a bit,or so I thought.I was out of country for 2 months so just upped my dose by 12.5 mcg so was on 62.5 mcg for about another 6 weeks or so. When I came back to uk I got tested again this time private and all my levels were then quite a bit over ranges T4 and T3 Tsh was 0.01. But I still felt fine no ill effects.I was advised by gp to cut back to 50 mcg again which I have done and will retest in a few weeks to check all those levels.I didn't really put on weight before but had what they term weight redistribution! Goes to around waist,which it did,all a bit pappy and pudgy around waist but no different on scales.My weight is still constant pretty much before and after starting levo.I do know that levo has made a big difference to my cholesterol numbers also seems to have lowered blood pressure somewhat,but that was not particularly high anywayAs of now personally levo seems to have been all positive which is the case for many people but unfortunately not all. really hope you go the same way and benefit from it once you get on stable dose. I have never had the other tests done apart from vit D3 which was middling level so I supplement small amount daily to maintain.If you don't mind being jabbed twice see no reason not to have the other bloods done sooner but personally I would wait for the thyroid ones for a few more weeks. Hope this helps a bit,but we are all so different.


Sorry, my earlier question was in response to cupi, but Jan you have given me very useful info. I seem to be putting on weight in my first week on levo. 44 seems very high! What were your symptoms and how did you finally get diagnosed?


Sorry skinnychick, your post was not indented so thought it was for me. Apolgies


Hi Jan, don't apologize as I found your response really helpful too, thank you. I think our responses crossed. I just feel quite bloated and feel like the levo is making me put on more weight. Maybe my body is adjusting as I am definitely not eating as much.


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