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Yay on the up again!

A few weeks ago I was really struggling and yet I have just survived and thoroughly enjoyed three days at Goodwood Revival in costume and awake! Involved camping in caravan; 5am donning makeup with wobbly hands (not usually my style ) in campsite washroom; coiffing hair ha ha; working out how to fix suspenders -weird aren't they? ; 7:00 am in car park 7:30 by race circuit and hours of walking and freezing winds. I managed 40's posh(ish) look for 2 days ( increasingly fatter as I added jumpers under my outfit) and 1 day landgirl with my army/horse blanket outer against the wind. Days ending later than 9pm AMAZING!


25 T3 @ 5:30am then get up

NAX x 1 NA x 2 Vit D @ 6:15 daily plus Vit B on alternate days

7:00am car park cereal with Coconut milk

NA x2 @11.30am

6.25 T3 @12:30

NA x 2 @ 16:30

NT x 2 @ 5:30

Ferrous Gluconate and Vit C evening

Valerian bedtime abolut 22:00

Times approx trying to leave same gaps but taking earlier if flagging.

Busy week ahead with visitors including a 2 year old so will continue the same. Challenge will be to go back onto NHS T3 The Next New Batch.

The adrenal support before the T3 seems to be helping and the NT seems OK instead of T3 for the last dose.

Here comes Autumn - must get the sunlamp out soon.


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Loverly- don't catch cold :) I'm taking notes- stand-by for the T3 !


Thanks Tegz you're comments re Adrenal after my question a couple of weeks ago made me review the adrenal factor and re think how much I might need Adrenal support to assimilate the T3 rather than to increase the T3 seems to be working - :-)


Great news :) Hope to see you next month at hte Bristol meeting . xx


Thanks Clare - Will be good to catch up and have found I should be free :-) - hope you're doing well - ( even the freezer and fridge have had a clean today - after the shopping trip phew!)


Had my Free Cholesterol test in Sainbury's Frome today - good low results - seems diet fine re fats : am so pleased I refused the gallbladder op offered by NHS in Nov 2011.


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