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So Confused! TSH went up after increasing Naturethroid and T4 back down

I'm so confused! Here are my labs:

starting TSH 3.23 6 weeks later with 1/2gr NT TSH 2.70. Then increased NT to 3/4gr TSH 3.82 it went up!

TSH 3.23 no meds. 2.70 with 1/2gr then 3.82 3/4gr (optimal 1-2.5) per my doc

T4 5.2 6. 5.5 (optimal 7-9)

FT4 1.3 1.7 1.6 (optimal 1.3-1.8)

T3 25 29 29 (optimal 26-37)

I'm really confused why TSH would go back up (higher than it started before meds!) and T4 back down with NT dosage increase. I realize i'm not in a horrible range but my morning temp would barely get to 96 in mornings, now just a bit over 97 and feet always cold and so tired. I do have Hashimotos.

I take a good dose of phytoplankon daily. so good iodine, even a year before testing so I'm sure that has really helped.

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On the other hand, maybe it hasn't. Iodine is not recommended for hypos - especially not when you have Hashi's.

Were all your tests done at the same time of day and fasting?


Yep, all done mid morning fasting


Had you done them at 8 am, the TSH would have been higher.


You started with the equivalent of 50mcg levo i.e. 1/2 grain then added 1/4 = 75mcg levo. This isn't a high dose and as you increase your NDT by 1/4 every week or two your symptoms should resolve.

The blood tests were introduced for levothyroxine alone, so if we take NDT which contains all of the hormones, the results cannot correlate, so it's more of 'how we feel' on a particular dose as a guide.

The TSH is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and it is from the pituitary gland which rises when we don't have sufficient thyroid hormones.

I shall give you a couple of links which might be helpful:-


Was not taking levothyroxine. Started with naturthroid. I'll check those links. Thank you


Yes, I realised that. I put 50mcg levo as the equivalent of your 1/2 grain NDT.


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