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I am in Crete and have recently had T3, T4, Anti - TG, Anti-TPO & B12 blood tests. Not a clue which of the following numbers are relevant!

Each test has 2 results (I think!)

T3 – 1.69 ng/mL ……………. 0.90 – 2.10

T4 – 7.30 mg/dL ……………4.70 – 12.00

Anti TG – 44.0 IU/ml………..<150.0

Anti TPO – 42.0 IU/ml……….<140.0

B12 – 381pg/mL …………..197 – 866

The reason for the tests is that nodes were found on my thyroid which the Dr here in Crete said would be affecting my thyroid function and I am currently on25grm thyroxin per day. Also I have been having a problem with my throat which could be a sign of Hashimotos. I do get very tired, low energy levels etc .... but did have surgery for breast cancer/nodes removed and chemo and radiotherapy 18 months ago, just to add other causes into the soup!

Confused in Crete!!

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.....can't understand why your TSH wasn't included in the test ! Also I am not familiar with the measurements as it is different from the lab I use in Kalyves ! Your dose of 25mcg is far too low and should have been increased about 6 weeks after you started T4. It is a starter dose and you can see that the FT4 in the blood is low in the range. FT3 looks kinda OK ! To feel well your TSH needs to be low or suppressed.

B12 - far too low and needs to be near the top of the range - around 800. Am sure others will tell you the same. Maybe your Folates Ferritin and VitD will also be low in range. So common in people with Thyroid issues and of course in particular the VitD in connection with breast cancer. Others on this site will suggest you need them all tested.

The good news - your Thyroid Anti-bodies are still low - but I would suggest that you keep an eye on them - possibly once a year ! The feeling in the throat should subside once you are on a dose that is good for you. I would increase to 50 mcg immediately and continue for a month before increasing again. Then perhaps 75mcg at weekends or on alternate days - whichever you can remember best !!

Hopefully others will comment so you don't think I am off with the fairies....doctors do not always know best - sadly.

Keep with this forum Chrissy and you will soon be well - I have been helped enormously and learn something new most days..... M x


Hi Marz, it was the lab in Kalyves! The one near where Papyrus used to be?

I had my TSH tested in the UK in January I believe it was 7.8 and said to be normal.


7.8 normal??? Which planet was that doctor on? Presumably not interested on the basis that you were soon returning to Crete.

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Contacted my UK doctor today, receptionist said my result was 2.27!! Not sure where that misunderstanding came from!!


Hi Chrissy, You are very lucky to be in the same neck of the woods as the very wise Marz. Her words of wisdom are always welcome on here, and the chances are that you will receive the right treatment more easily in Crete than in the UK.

As Marz says you may need more vitamin/mineral supplementation and you can find information about that on this page of the Thyroid UK website as well as information about the different kinds of thyroid replacement available.

It can sometimes be a complicated procedure getting things right for individuals, but hopefully things will be straightforward for you.

As a start though I agree with Marz - 25mcg of T4 is a very low, almost worthless dose.

Good luck. Jane x

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Thank you Jane, I know Marz well and she is very wise and very well read as well as being very lovely. Me on the other hand, well.... it takes awhile for it to sink in!! :(

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