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With Dr P - whats next in treatment?


As i said under guidence of Dr P. been on adrenal support and nutri thyroid now for 6 weeks. My phone follow u with him is not till 27th sept.

is he likely to put me on ndt or something with hormones in next? Just wondered whether i should order some?

I dont want to wait all that time and then have to wait another week for them to turn up.

I am hypothyroid and have his words "very low t4 and t3" and low adrenal function.

I feel a bit better but still pretty bad and can just do few household tasks before i crash and my chest goes really tight, breathless, have to lay down alot in day still.

Tolerated all this first lot of stuff well.

If u were under dr p what did he do next with u after initial six weeks build up?


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I think it's important to remember we are individuals and that is how Dr P treats people. Presumably you've completed a diary?

Be positive, the 27th isn't long.


Cinnamon, yes for 6 weeks now. I am just desperate as i cant cope now as have insomnia. being tired in head as well as chronic fatigue. Been in bed all morning after school drop.


I agree with cinnamon_girl; I have been treated by Dr P and basically stayed on Nutri Adrenal Extra, Nutri Thyroid and various supplements. It took some time to feel significantly better but I did. Be patient - it probably took a long time to feel as bad as you did - it will take a long time to fully recover. Good luck x


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