Dr P....what happened to hin?

Hi all

I was under Dr P for a year or so but heard he'd become ill around spring time so pretty much gave up on my regime (which had benefitted me but certainly not cured).....I've hit a brick wall again and was thinking of starting up and maybe adding one or two supps (was only taking NAX / NT and Q10)....plus trying the siberian and liquorice tincture which I've never tried.

Is he still practicing?

Many thanks si

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  • Adzie, he's still practicing as far as I'm aware. Someone posted recently that s/he'd been unable to get a response from his office and it was suggested that he might be on holiday.

  • ok thanks

  • He was certainly practising around May/June of this year when I last saw him. I came off my regime during a busy period when we were moving house. Big mistake - my adrenals were better, but still weak so that a combination of the stress of moving, overwork and a gastric bug led to big relapse.

  • OK many thanks

  • He is definitely still practising, saw him a few weeks ago

  • ok ta!

  • yes he is still around go to tpauk.com and join this forum to find him.

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