No meds waiting for Dr P app - should i order nct?

You may have seen my other posts on here.... I have stopped my 100mcg Levo as feel i am toxic and adrenals shot. Hoping to get a date to see Dr P. Spoke to him briefly on the telephone and his secretary will call me Monday to arrange a date. I have got my Nutri Adrenal Plus at the ready to start taking (probably in cut up pieces) after 10 days, but big question is; Do I need to order some Armour or Thyroid S or something online NOW. I am pretty sure Dr P is going to go down this route, but I understand that he cannot prescribe it and I have to order from abroad, so unsure how long this will take. I am already frightened about stopping my Levo for so long, surely I will need to start on some NDT pretty soon after the 10 days are up???

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  • Millefleur, Did Dr. P say to stop Levothyroxine for 10 days before starting NA or to stop Levothyroxine for 10 days when you start NA?

    If you plan to switch to NDT It's likely to take 21-28 days to arrive after ordering it.

  • I understood it to mean stop levo for 10 days before starting NA. Thats just for adrenal function though isnt it? What do I do about meds? Should I add levo in smaller dose with NA?

  • Millefleur, I think you need to clarify with Dr.P. I've seen his patients advised to stop thyroid meds for up to two weeks while they introduce NA for adrenal function and then resume thyroid meds.

  • I would double-check if you can on Monday. If you want to go on NDT I would order whichever you prefer.

  • There are so many types/brands of ndt, I was thinking dr p would choose armour but it appears nutri thyroid is his choice. Whats the difference? Armour, Erfa, Thyroid S, Nutri Thyroid?

  • Thyroid S and Nutri Thyroid are not prescription desiccated thyroid products. There have been many discussions here about both of them over the years.

  • I posted this a while ago from the STTM website.

  • I first consulted Dr P. in 2013. His protocol for me was

    Stop levo 10 days. Day 6 start NAX, 1 daily at first, building up by another 1 daily after a week and so on.

    Dr. P. likes Nutri Thyroid so he advised on Day 11 start Nutri Thyroid, 1 daily, then after 10 days increase to 2 daily and so on.

    He advised me to test adrenal and thyroid function with Genova to ascertain levels of hormones so he would be able to judge what I would need.

    If you've already stopped Levo, you could order NDT but also some Nutri Thyroid to tide you over until you get the NDT.

    Actually Nutri Thyroid helped me at first but didn't suit in the long run, and after trying T3 only, I've been on NDT (Nature-Throid) since last May.

    All the best. Trixie

  • Thanks Trixie thats been very helpful :). Ndt is confusing me though, there are sooo many different ones. I know some are from pigs, some from cows, aside from that people seem to keep switching on here.

  • The information on the main Thyroid UK page about these products is quite clear. All the prescription desiccated thyroid products are of porcine origin:

    There are far fewer makes of desiccated thyroid than, say, levothyroxine or even liothyronine (if you include non-UK products).

    You may wish to consider cost and availability. Not much use choosing one and then not being able to afford or obtain it.

  • Some people are fortunate enough to find the right desiccated thyroid product right from the start. Others do switch from one to another in order to find the one that best suits them. When it comes to thyroid treatment, nothing is going to work for everyone, so trial and error is often the only route.

    Nutri Thyroid is an OTC product (over the counter), so no prescription is required. The other three (Nature-Throid, Erfa, Armour) are all classed as POM (prescription only medications). In order to obtain these from a UK source, you need a prescription. They are though, importable from outside the UK without prescription for personal use.

  • I saw Dr P at the end of March. He had me stop levothyroxine ( I was on 125 mcg a day) for 10 days while I started immediately on NAX , then on day 11 start with Nutri Thyroid one per day and now has raised to 4 per day. He said to take half dose of the Levo in the initial 10 days if I felt I really missed it.....which I didnt . So far I am doing well and I will consider NDT in the future if the Nutri Thyroid ceases to feel enough to keep well. This treatment was for adrenal fatigue after 20 years on levo and still having hypo symptoms.

  • I too stopped Levo for 10 days under supervision of Dr P . I have no thyroid & was frightened of doing this . In those 10 days I felt better than I'd felt in years which proved that the T4 was doing more harm than good . So don't worry about stopping especially if you have some nutri thyroid it'll tide you over until you move on try something else .

    Good luck !

    A x

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