Dr P visit today - hopefully on a plan to feel better!

Saw Dr P today, lovely man. I had done my homework prior to going thanks to reading his book and asking questions on here. Despite my recent bloods take with GP showing im 'in range', Dr P thinks my adrenals are very poor. He did his reflex tests, blood pressure and heart rate. Those results along with my obvious symptoms showed I am toxic with T4 and not converting to T3. I had already stopped Levo for a few days and started Nutri Adrenal Extra. The plan is to take 50mcg levo, 1 NAX a day first week, building up to 4 NAX a day. Adding in one Nutri Thyroid tablet a day from this weekend. Gradually increasing the dose. Have been given option of Urine thyroid test and Urine adrenal test with Genova. GP wont accept the findings no doubt, so test would just prove Dr P and myself right in our diagnosis of symptoms. Fingers crossed for success anyway, watch this space!

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  • Very good, mille. I'm sure others are having that very same problem of toxicity with T4 so your journey will be helpful. I know others have spoken so well of Dr. P but I'm in the U.S. and don't know who he is. Did he consider a saliva test rather than urine for adrenals? I hope the supplements help you and you are feeling better soon.

  • Didnt mention saliva test, but I was already aware of different options geneva testing offer. Thing is they are costly and will prob only show what Dr P has already confirmed, that my adrenals need attention. GP and Endos wont take any notice of saliva results either.

  • Millefleur, I recently had a 24 hour saliva test. The results were quite a strange pattern, so all they really confirmed is "there's a problem". I'm now taking Nutri Adrenal and some other bits, and getting improvement.

    So if you're confident in the diagnosis, might be able to just save yourself the cash for that test.

  • Great news millefleur40,

    I hope you begin to feel much better soon.


  • I had conversion problems and have seen several comments re Dr P so have clicked 'follow' so I can 'watch this space'! Trust that's OK. If not let me know and I will click unfollow.

  • Of course, thats what its all about on here :)

  • Dr. P is a darling. He not only knows what he is talking about but talks to us patients so that we understand too. I was at a low ebb when I saw him but I felt better just having seen him - lovely sense of humour.

    Good luck.

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