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Help - getting scared now. Blood sugar. Dr P


As I said I am getting really scared now. I feel like my body is shutting down and i cannot do barely anything now. I ahve a 7 yr old on hols with me.

I am seeing Dr P on Wed and know I musn't get hopes up. Thyroid slightly hyper on two tests of which posted on here. Chronic Fatigue since Feb. Dx cfs. NHS appointment was 2nd sept for cfs clinic and they have just wrote and said cancelled and will re book due to unforseen circumstances.I can't write much, (so many symptoms) feel too awful.

In last couple days my blood sugar is all over place I think. Eating doesn't satisfy me and feel like it's a blood sugar thing. had toast and marmalade ( I am so desparate to eat I can't talk in morning) just had porridge as thought it's lower gi and might be better. Feel shortness of breath too. Any tips on getting through next few days? Best foods etc to keep me calm/stable. Feel like I'm going mad.

from research, think I have adrenal problems mixed with maybe a bit of thyroid. Desparate for him to tell me what is wrong.


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Hi Cat- sorry to hear your problems. I think you will get some understanding here- but please say if you're having thyroid treatment currently & whether over or underactive, as meds can cause cross-over symptoms.

Have you had any recent blood tests?


thanks for reply tegz. These results are what I put on here few weeks ago.

Last couple days feel like I am crashing/grinding to a halt and feel worse than ever. Not having any treatment. dr said results fine and here's some anti's. Just that I have cfs. I still don't understand the antibodies thing. too confusing when you have no brain left! Up till now have been able to lay down on and off and now everything seems to be going haywire. never felt so bad. have been supplementing with vit d3 and b12 but after intial boost it gave me I am now on floor again.

19 days ago:

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 131 nmol/L 59 - 154


FREE THYROXINE 19.3 pmol/l 12.0 - 22.0

FREE T3 4.5 pmol/L 3.1 - 6.8



Thyroglobulin Antibody *250.7 IU/mL 0-115(Negative)

Method used for Anti-Tg: Roche Modular

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 15.2 IU/mL 0 - 34

Method used for Anti-TPO: Roche Modular

Vit d last tested 13th June 129.4 nmol (80- 150) nmol sufficient.

B12 406 ng/l (180-900u)

Serum transferrin - 2.78 g/l (1.8-3.6)

Transferrin Saturation 44% (16-50)

Serum iron 26.9 (11.30)


I did check your recent posts but only 2 show. maybe you changed name or new site affecting?

Looks like you are rather on the hyper side so if CFS as well no doubt swinging between the two states. Not a lot of fun.

I'm new on here but have done a fair bit of self help [what's new?] and the thing flagged in the test is your thyroglobulin being high.

Dr P will discuss that no doubt- and I know from his book he will be interested in adrenals which impacts CFS and Thyroid.

You do look to have quite a strong system though- which isn't what helps you stay calm when it overreacts somewhat!

UIntil you see Dr P why not insist to yourself to take it easier.

Oversupplementing with D is not a great idea.

Watch your diet and rest regimes too, they impact heavily when we are struggling with hormones -and overnight cures are not usually the order of the day.

The best thing could be lots of cups of tea- the fluoride in it used to be a treatment for HyperT [not joking]- but def. stay OFF the coffee!


Hi Cat

I went to see Dr P about 8 weeks ago and although I'm not well yet, and he tells you not to expect an instant recovery, I'm certainly on the road there. Low adrenal problems are slow to recover from and its so hard to be patient!! All I can say is that at this stage, I still have useless days, about one a week as opposed to every three or four, but the good days are much better. Ahes and pains are minimal if I stay off sugar and don't overdo things. I do have to remind myself that this is the first part of the treatment when things seems difficult and my weight seems to be going up every day!

Sue xx


When you say i have strong system what do you mean? Dr p's questionaire says do you live in a flourinated water area....

I am not doing anything exteme diet wise but have started juicing 80/20 veg/juice in addition

Only taking vit d few times a week no every day now. Funny thing is only times i felt good in last few months is when in sun/outdoors literally all day.

Havent changed my forum name?

Thank you


The water ? is to do with fluoridecausing hypo symptoms, I'd say.

Your system strength [just an aside]- as many here have low figures for VitD,B12 & Iron and yours are good. Makes a change ;)

I would suggest some deep breathing exercises and even meditation- you are obviously into health stuff with your diet!

The effect of these swings in moods/energy is very unsettling and you need to respond constructively on your own account [as well as seeking help outside].

Just as you wish Dr P to do...

Good luck and I'm sure things will get better after Weds.

His book is good ,too.


Snap same with me;I felt better in the sun until NHS Gp insited I come off natrual thyroid which I did as I was hyper mines was lower 0.5 only felt light headed and travel sick had hypertension headaches.But no sweats now sweating back terrible.Rested for weeks then restarted one NT 180 am 1 at night and 2 NAX at breakfast ;seem to have ebbed sweats down but one day and night is harder as I sweat more and hardly any next day occurring every 2nd day.Hard to sleep so grumpy one day ok fresh the next up and down like yo yo.My antibodies are not as high as yours and T3 is higher.I get pulling in my thyroid .Going for more blood tests see if I can find anything else Have high ferritin so will try see what happening .

Hang on in there ! its been a night mare with the hot sunny weather cant tolerate it with the sweats cold shower .

Before I was enjoying it .Not to day social life not good.I feel I have a nuclear reactor inside of me ....over heating.

Recent TSH result 11th July was 0.19 .


tegz: Thanks so much for your input. Just helps to talk to someone.

suez: just hope he can recognise anything with me that is going wrong. Pretty desparate now. so glad your regaining your health.


Forgot to add- don't forget to get your Cortisol checked.

It will be interesting to see what Dr P says on this, too.


The one thing I would avoid is fruit. I'm positive that it played havoc with my blood sugar levels and since I stopped fruit completely, my blood sugar levels are stable.

Probably frequent small portions of food would be best and avoid excessive carbs.

Do hope you find out what's going on, must be most worrying for you.

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Wow - go very careful. Sounds like an insulin overload. Avoid the carbs. Stay with protein and try very hard to stay calm. Dr P is wonderful and you could not be in better hands. If you are really scared, ring his clinic, I am sure they will give advice. But it truly sounds as though you have an insulin problem and try cutting the carbs out until you see him.

All best wishes



I feel so sorry to hear how bad you feel, which is probably what we've all been going through. I'm just coming to the end of the M.E. clinics and they've been very good, even though I believe from all I've read that the problem is thyroid and adrenal. Do attend the clinics. They're well worth it. I've found them very helpful. Dr. P. is really lovely and kind, if that is any encouragement.


Thank you for thAt info. Everyone seems to regard him highly. Looking forward to what his opinion is.

Yesterday my nhs cfs appointment on sept 2nd Cancelled!! Apparently they will get back to me with another date.


Dear Cat,

You sound exactly like my daughter. She is Type 1 diabetic and came home from university very ill. Long and short of it, having thought it was thyroid (and really pinned our hopes on it), she was put on low dose which improved things for a short time (a week or so) and then back to square one. Exhaustion, pains in legs and arms, foggy brain, unable to concentrate, no energy and therefore eating the whole time as thinking she needed food which she didn't. We self diagnosed her with CFS/ME. Please please google 'The lightning process'. We were at our wits end! I took my daughter on this course (3 days) at the beginning of July (Linda Morgan/Swallows Retreat in Sussex but there are others around the country). The effect in 3 days was incredible - Linda is now working with doctors in the Sussex area dealing with ME patients as this has been so successful. My daughter has now re-registered to go back to University in October, is going to the gym!!!!, has lost weight and doesn't feel constantly that she has to eat, her colour is better, she can concentrate - please have a look at it. Good luck


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