does anybody else with hypothyroidism get pains in their hands and wrists

I have been hypothyroid for eight years and I currently have to alternate my dose of thyroxine 100mg one day and 75mg the next and according to the doctors at my surgery my results have been satisfactuary since 2010,but recently have started to feel tired and a bit lacking in energy even after doing a few chores,i keep staring into space a lot and today it took me ages to get going this morning.then the pain in my hand started,it feels a bit like someone is squeezing my hand from the inside and sometimes it goes into my wrist and the pain comes and goes.does anybody else have this problem?.

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  • Mine is more like pins and needles...i have been reduced from 100 to 75 and boy can i sleep!!!!

  • hello yes i have these pains in my hands and also stare into space for ages like i am in a trance, iam on 75 just last week from 50, only diagnosed 3 months but borderline under active since 2009

  • was told on this site that prob not on a high enough dose

  • I get pains in my wrists and ankles, mainly when I first get out of bed. I am pretty well medicated though on 2.5 grains if Armour. When I was very hypo, I used to get pins and needles too in hands and feet and would wake in the night frequently with "dead" arms.

  • Omg i regularly wake with dead arms and legs, thought it was just me! Have been having pains in my wrist for a while now, losing grip, unable to lean on it, pain pain pain! I'm going for a blood test to check thyroid levels, I'm convinced they will b low!

  • This is certainly very much the experience of most hypothyroid sufferers. I have found that as my medication is getting closer to optimal, the pain is reduced, but not completely gone.

    I found that if it troubled me so much that I couldn't function, if I rubbed some Diclofenac cream around the wrists and forearms, and also the ankles and lower leg, it would help me to keep going. I was working in an office using a keyboard all the time and I had to have an ergonomic Keyboard which helped a bit, too.

    If you can, try to get your actual blood test results, too many people get fobbed off with 'normal', which is not a result, it's a judgement, and may well be wrong for you. If you do manage to get those results - and the 'ranges' - then please do put them on here and see if you can get some support and advice.

    Marie XX

  • my dr told me recently that I had CTS. tho I don't think so.apparently it is a symptom of thyroidism yet despite having thyroid symptoms he said I don't as id had blood tests and they were normal.have hoarseness.lump in neck tightness in neck and swelling.if that's not thyroidism then what is it?

  • Have you posted your blood test results for your thyroid gland. If not, get a copy plus the ranges from your surgery and post here. Hoarseness was my first clinical symptom which was dismissed by all and sundry I saw. Normal range is not NORMAL if you have clinical symptoms and they should be taken into account (if only GP's knew them).

  • hello shaws I posted a letter tomy dr s surgery today requesting all my blood tests results fro this year as afr as I now all blood tests were CA125-not thyroid.i only saqw dr in august after my op fro thyroid symptoms and definitely haven't had test fro them after that.

  • Tell your GP your not feeling well and can you get new thyroid gland blood tests please. TSH, T3 and T4.Ask if he will do a Free T3 and Free T4 too (probably wont). Get a copy of them with the ranges and post on a new question for members to comment. Also ask for a Vitamin B12, Vit D, ferritin, folate and iron.

  • hello Shaws the nurse from the surgery emailed me to say that I would have to see my dr re the blood tests.should I show him your post?done this inpast with magazine articles on cysts/OC and he says don't believe /read stuff you find in magazines or on internet-despite being true life stories.

  • First of all ask for a new Thyroid Gland Blood test of those I quoted above. Don't mention anything re internet at present. Your symptoms above are clinical symptoms although they can also be due to low B12, etc.

    You are entitled to new blood tests but he may not do them all. Just say you are feeling unwell and would like to exclude your hypothyroidism is not the cause of this. Say you would also like copies of your blood tests as you are going to keep records of them in future. Once you have them post the results on a new question with the ranges

  • This is from Dr Lowe

  • I have just been diagnosed with thyroid problem. I have been on medication 3 weeks, I have terrible shooting pains in my hands & fingers. I dont know if its the medication or the underactive thyroid causing it.

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