Dr Downing in Harley St, anyone?


I was a patient of the late Dr Skinner, and I don't know where go for help now.

Although I live in Edinburgh, I am prepared to travel, so I am wondering if Dr Downing from the TUK list might be an option - I am currently on T3 only and think I may also have an adrenal issue.

However, he is quite expensive, so if anyone has had any experience of him that they are willing to share by PM, I would be really grateful


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  • I would avoid anyone around the Harley st area as they tend to be over priced and not particularly good.

    NO UK establishment doctors recognise/acknowledge/treat adrenal fatigue, so you could end up wasting your money.

  • Hi there

    Thank you very much for your reply. Am I correct in thinking that you haven't actually met him?

  • Don't go there! Will pm you x

  • I have seen two doctors in the Harley Street area, Dr. Shamim Daya but she is VERY expensive, andDr. Michael Culp, who is less so... They are both good, but may insist on starting from scratch an testing you and taking it from there, which could result in quite a few visits....

  • Hi - I used to be with Dr Skinner but Dr myhill took over my treatment - she is in mid Wales - private but not v. Pricey - google her she has a wesite

  • According to Dr. My hill's web site she is not taking on any more patients at the moment. This has been so for some time now.

  • Thank you all for your help.


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